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03. Payment, scholarships and exemptions

Enrollment fees and payment

You can choose between paying your enrollment in one payment or fractionate it in 4 installments:

- Single payment: The total enrollment fee will be charged. You can choose from:

  • Payment in bank: At the end of enrollment, a payment document is generated with which you can go to any office of Santander Bank or Bankia to enter the enrollment fee.
  • Payment by direct debit: You can enter a number of spanish bank account, in which the University will send the corresponding receipt. You only need your IBAN code, the BIC code is not necesary.

- Payment in four installments: In each period (august, october, january and march) the 25% of the enrollment fee will be charged in your bank account. If you choose this option, it's necessary to choose the direct debit option.

For those students with extra-community nationality and residence permit, they must submit a copy of the permit as soon as possible so that the fees of european students will be applied. For this, you can call 916246000 or show up in the registration room of each center.

Important notice to students with extra-community nationality and with a residence permit in Spain: You must formalize the registration, which will include the fees that apply to non-European students, to ensure your place at the University. Once the registration is completed, in order to correct the price to be paid, you should contact the University, at 916246000, to provide a copy of your residence permit as soon as possible. In this way, we will be able to apply the prices for European students before they make the payment.

Tuition Fees for Bachelor Studies


Spanish Ministry of Education grants (MEFP)

If you plan to apply for a MEFP scholarship, you can specify it at the time of registration. In the 'Payment Information' tab, in the 'Type of Scholarship' section you can indicate 'M.E.F.P Scholarship' (more information in the Guide of enrollment). When selecting this option, you will only pay administrative fees (file opening, university card, school insurance) until the scholarship is resolved. If you can not check the box, it is because you do not meet the academic requirements to apply for the scholarship.

Marking it in your registration does not imply that you have already applied for the scholarship. You must record the application within the term established by the Ministry of Education, following the following steps:

1. Fill in the application form through the website of the Ministry of Education. Make sure you confirm until the end and that the scholarship is recorded correctly.

2. Once the application is finished, print or save the receipt.

Check all the information related to the scholarships on this web page.

Keep in mind that if in your registration you are going to apply for a scholarship, and then the MEFP denies you, or you do not request it, you will be charged at that time the full amount of the fees, there being no possibility to split the payment. For this reason we remind you that you have the possibility of not marking the scholarship in registration and request payment in four installments. Thus, at the time you are awarded the scholarship, you will be returned the amounts you have already paid. In any case, in the previous link you have information about the economic thresholds that you should not exceed to have the right to a scholarship in the bases of the call.


f you are in one of the following situations, you are entitled to the exemption of all or part of the fees except school insurance. For this you must indicate it in the registration, and provide the corresponding documentation as indicated in point 05.

Large Family

You will be entitled to the bonus in the price as long as the title of Large Family is valid on September 6th.

  • General Large Family: 50% reduction in academic and administrative fees
  • Special Large Family: Exemption from administrative and academic fees.

Documents to be submitted: Large family title, or renewal application.  

Honors or extraordinary prize in Bachillerato or Vocational Training

It gives the right to the exemption of the academic fees, for a single time, from the registration of the first course. You must provide the corresponding certificate.  

Disability exemption (minimum 33%) or victims of terrorism

Exemption from academic fees. You must present a certificate or administrative resolution that proves your condition.

Solidarity approvals

On this screen you can collaborate financially, if you wish, with two solidarity initiatives promoted by UC3M.

To make your contribution to one or both projects, check the corresponding box on the enrollment screen.

In addition, it is also possible to make other contributions, either on a one-time or regular basis. For more information, please visit the websites listed above.

Cancellations of enrollment

In the event that you wish to cancel a new entry enrollment, if you communicate the waiver before the start of the course and you have paid the full enrollment, you will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the amount of the enrollment, except for the prices for services of secretariat and school insurance.

If the reason for the cancellation is the admission to another degree of the UC3M, the amount paid will be transferred in full to the new enrollment.