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Additional Education (Minors)

alumno de formación complementaria

Complete your profile with the Additional Education (Minors)

UC3M gives you the opportunity to study an Additional Education, that is, additional studies to your degree that will allow you to complete your curriculum. It is equivalent to minor offered by many Anglo-Saxon universities.

What is Additional Education (minors)?

By Additional Education you can take, in addition to those of your curriculum, courses in any other degree that is your interest. With this Additional Information:

  • You'll get a better preparation to study a postgraduate.
  • You’ll have a multidisciplinary profile, which will improve your curriculum and will be useful when entering the job market.
  • You’ll develop your interests in other areas without giving up your main studies.

Complementary courses that you complete will appear on your transcript. Also, a mention will appear in your Diploma Supplement if you get 36 credits.

You can't enroll Additional Education courses if you have passed your Bachelor Thesis.

What courses can you take?

You can choose any course of the chosen degree (except Habilities, Internships, Bachelor Thesis...). You can take a maximum of 12 credits each semester. The courses must have available seats and not be similar to the ones in your studies plan.


If you have been admitted this academic year:

  • Having a good note access.
  • All credits have enrolled the first year.

If you are already a student at the UC3M:

  • Having good note of transcript.
  • Have exceeded 90% of loans enrolled in the previous year.

Is not necessary to request for admission to Additional Education each semester. If you qualify, you'll stay in the program.

Request and Adjudication

To start in the program in the first quarter of the academic year 2024/25:

  • Application: from April 23 to May 10, 2024
  • Adjudication of places: July 30, 2024

To start with the program in the second quarter of the academic year 2024/25:

  • Application: October 21 to November 8, 2024.
  • Adjudication of places: November 28, 2024.

You will receive an email notifying you of the admission and registration dates. If you have not been admitted, you will also receive an e-mail with the reasons why you have not obtained a place.

Courses selection

If you are in Additional Education program, you can choose courses a few days before starting semester.