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02. Check your enrollment date

Check your day, group and registration appointment


Each student will have an "appointment" to register, which will be the day and time from which they can access the registration website. This "appointment" is assigned according to the admission grade, so that people with higher grades will be able to register earlier, and thus have more options to choose from (subjects, groups, etc).

To access, please use the identification number you provided when you registered (DNI, NIE or passport, without dashes) and the 4-digit code you received by sms. If you do not have the password, you can get it by clicking here.

Consultation of the appointment


If you have been admitted through the waiting list, please consult the specific enrollment information. We recommend that you register at the time the "appointment" opens, so that you do not lose your options to choose subjects or groups. 

Enrolment will take place between 15 and 19 July, depending on the degrees available.


This information is the most important, because when you register, you must know if you will be assigned to the group automatically or if you will be able to choose it. If you can choose it, you must previously consult the timetables and groups available in the section "Schedules" on the website of your Degree, to ensure that you do not register groups with the same timetables. We recommend that you have planned alternative options, in case there are no places left in the group you are interested in.

IMPORTANT: In all the degrees that give the possibility of choosing the Spanish/English or Spanish/bilingual language, if you decide to register in English or bilingual you must choose in that modality all the subjects that are offered (except for humanities courses, if applicable).

Colmenarejo Campus

You can choose the group in all courses.


School of Law and Social Sciences - Getafe

You can choose the group of your choice in all courses. We recommend that you check the groups you are interested in before enrolling to avoid timetable overlaps.

In addition, if your degree offers a bilingual or English option and you are interested in studying in English, you must choose the English group in all the subjects that offer it.


School of Humanities, Communication and Library Science - Getafe

You can choose the group you want in all subjects, but you must enroll all subjects in the same group, to avoid timetable overlaps.

In addition, if your degree offers a bilingual option, and you are interested in studying in that language, you must choose the English group in all the subjects that offer it.


School of Engineering - Leganés

The groups are assigned alphabetically, so you will only be able to choose the one offered by the application by default. If your degree has a bilingual option, you can also change it to the English group.


At the end of the registration process you will receive a summary document, which will show the group registered in each subject.

If you want to know the possibilities of changing the group once you have registered, you can consult the information in the Virtual Secretary's Office of Aula Global, which you can access when you activate your email account.