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Fees for non European Union students

Fees for non EU students

UC3M will charge the specific enrollment fees in the chart below to international students without resident status. The students from countries members of EU or from countries with the possibility of application of Community scheme will pay the fees of this page.

The residence permit granted to foreign students will not be equal to residency status, in accordance with Royal Decree 557/2011.

Enrollment fees for International Students 2023/24

 Qualifications Price per credit

Total price of a 60-credit course
of 60 credits in
first enrolment (*)

  Type of Studies 3:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Bachelor in Political Science
  • Bachelor in Law
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • Bachelor in Management and Technology
  • Bachelor in Statisticsand Business
  • Bachelor in Cultural Studies
  • Bachelor in International Studies
  • Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Bachelor in Finance and Accounting
  • Bachelor in Management of Information and Digital Contents
  • Bachelor in History and Politics
  • Bachelor in Humanities
  • Bachelor in Journalism
  • Bachelor in Employment and Labor Relations
  • Bachelor in Sociology
  • Bachelor in Tourism
  • Dual Bachelor in International Studies and Business Adminstration
  • Dual Bachelor in International Studies and Economics
  • Dual Bachelor in International Studies and Law
  • Dual Bachelor in international Studies and Political Science
  • Dual Bachelor in Journalism and Humanities Studies
  • Dual Bachelor in Law and Business Administration
  • Dual Bachelor in Law and Economics
  • Dual Bachelor in Law and Political Science
  • Dual Bachelor in Political Science and Sociology
  • UC3M Open BA Program in Social Science and Humanities
  • 113,71€
  • 6.822,60 € (*)

Double Type 2-3:

  • Dual Bachelor in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies
  • Dual Bachelor in Computer Science and Business Administration
  • 121,14 €
  • 7.268,40 € (*)

  Type 2:

  • Bachelor in Film, Television and Media Studies
  • Bachelor in Data Science Engineering
  • Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering
  • Bachelor in Energy Engineering
  • Bachelor in Sound and Image Engineering
  • Bachelor in Mobile and Space Comunications Engineering
  • Bachelor in Electrical Power Engineering
  • Bachelor in Electronics and Automation Engineering
  • Bachelor in Engineering Physics
  • Bachelor in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering
  • Bachelor in Industrial Technologies Engineering
  • Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Robotics Engineering
  • Bachelor in Telematics Engineering
  • Bachelor in Applied Mathematics and COmputing
  • Dual Bachelor in Data Science and Engineering and Telecommunication Technologies Engineering
  • Dual Bachelor in Physics and Industrial Technologies
  • UC3M Open BA Program Engineering
  • 128,57 €
  • 7.714,20 € (*)

  Type 1:

  • Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Neuroscience
  • 136,44 €
  • 8.186,40 € (*)


To these amounts must be added the administrative fee and the school insurance, and, in the case of new students, the fee for opening a file.

The total amount to be paid cannot be less than 350 euros. This amount will not be applicable if the student registers for all the subjects or credits pending to complete their studies and the total price does not exceed this amount.

Tuition Payment Method

You have two options to make the payment:

  • Through a Spanish bank account: If you provide us with bank details, we will charge you for the registration fee.
  • Payment at a bank branch: When you make your registration you will receive a document with which you can make the payment at any branch of Banco Santander.

Annual tuition fees can be paid in four installments. To find out the date on which the receipt will be sent to the bank, you can consult the direct debit calendar.

Failure to pay may result in the cancellation of the registration, according to the terms established in the current regulations.

Other fees

  • Degree Title: 154.23 €
  • Opening of Student Record: 27.54 €
  • Transfer of Student Record: 27.54 €
  • Administrative fee: 6,11 €