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How to pass 'Skills: English'

To pass the course without teaching 'Skills: English', you need to do an exam or provide one of the accepted oficial certificate. You enroll this course in the first-year and it's acceptable in all years that you are in that bachelor's degree. This course doesn't have call limit.


Course test

It's a test with 55 questions about grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension. The length of the exam is 45 minutes and it's done on a computer, in person in the computer rooms of each campus.

By the way, 'Skills: English' can be passed in the level test to study in an English group or mobility. If you are in one of this cases, we recommend you that you do this test.


Certification by oficial certificate

'Skills: English' course will be qualified like 'Pass' if you have one of the following oficial certificates:

  • Fifth year passed in Language Oficial School
  • Minimum mark of 5,5 in IELTS
  • TOEFL: 72 points in "Internet-based"
  • TRINITY: ISE II or higher

It will be qualified like 'Pass' in the following cases too:

  • A passed course in English in a mobility program in an english language country.
  • High school passed in UK or USA.

Other certificate will not be accepted.


To apply for it, you can send your certificate by this form:

  • Certificate form

The information will appear in your language passport and your mark will appear in your academic record. You can send your certificate at any time but the sent certificates after June, 30 will not appear in your academic record until the next academic year.



If you have passed other equivalent course in other degree or university, you can request the recognition too. In this case, the procedure will be established for each campus, You can check the information in Aula global.

When you can do the test?

  • Throughout any of the four years of your studies until you pass it.
  • You can take the exam twice per course: 
    • From September to May, in ordinary call.
    • In June, in extraordinary call.
  • Regardless of when it appears in your curriculum.
  • You can choose the date because tests will be called several times throughout the course. You will have to ask a previous appointment.