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Dual Bachelor in International Studies and Economics

estudios internacionales y economía
5 years (330 ECTS credits)


The Dual Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and Economics combines the education and training that studies in economics offers together with the multidisciplinary nature that inspires degrees in International Studies at outstanding world universities.

The goal of this program is to create specialists who wish to add an international dimension to their career. Graduates will be able to understand and analyze increasingly complex economic situations and process and interpret large quantities of data that companies and institutions generate. The education is rounded out with other content that is especially important at an international level. This might include the functioning of the world economy, the economic policy of poverty and inequalities, causes and consequences of migration, the exploitation of natural resources or climate change policy, among other topics.

This program is taught entirely in English and includes all the basic content that is taught in both degrees separately. At the end of their program, students will receive two degrees, one in International Studies and another in Economics, with the professional advantages that this entails.

Employability and profesional internships

UC3M has agreements with over 6000 companies and institutions in which students can undertake internships and access job openings.

A total of 92.3 % of graduates from this University enter the job market the first year after finishing their studies, according to the 2018 XXII Estudio de Inserción Profesional (Professional Placement Study)

International Excellence

QS Top 50 Under 50
Times Higher Education (THE)



  • Exchange programs

    Exchange programs

    The Erasmus programme permits UC3M first degree and post graduate students to spend one or several terms at one of the European universities with which UC3M has special agreements or take up an Erasmus Placement, that is a work placement or internship at an EU company. These exchanges are funded with Erasmus Grants which are provided by the EU and the Spanish Ministry of Education.

    The non-european mobility program enables UC3M degree students to study one or several terms in one of the international universities with which the university has special agreements. It also has funding from the Banco Santander and the UC3M.

    These places are offered in a public competition and are awarded to students with the best academic record and who have passed the language threshold  (English, French, German etc..) requested by the university of destination.

  • European mobility

    European mobility

  • Non european mobility

    Non european mobility

Student profile

  • Entry profile

    Entry profile

    Student should have a solid education in history, geography, mathematics, statistics and environmental sciences. Additionally, although there is no entrance exam, we recommend a B2 (MCERL) level of English, given that the courses are taught exclusively in English.

    We also appreciate students with initiative, flexibility, organizational working skills, a positive attitude to working in groups, ability to complete tasks under pressure, responsibility and curiosity to apply acquired knowledge in practice. Students should also have sensitivity and curiosity towards the legal, economic, political and social problems of the world today, interest to understand and discuss these problems and challenges from a critical point of view and using, both orally and in written form, distinct qualitative and quantitative skills.

  • Graduate profile

    Graduate profile

    International Studies and Economics is oriented to preparing graduates to pursue careers in these professional fields:

    • Managers in international companies or national firms working in international markets
    • Research departments of finacial and non financial institutions.
    • Business intelligence and corporate strategy in multinational firms, nation brands, strategic planning for cities and metropolitan areas, etc.
    • Public administrations related to foreign relations
    • International Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Think-tanks and national and international research centers and observatories
    • International auditing, consulting and strategic communication
    • International finances

    This double degree will provide students with the necessary skills to pursue a dynamic and versatile career, with a high capacity to adapt to changes in the labour markets with the profiles we have indicated above and those that are still to be consolidated in the years to come.

Study in English

Studies in English only

This degree courses completely in English. No groups available in Spanish in any subject. You must take into mind that:

  • In groups in English, all work (classes, drills, exercises, tests, etc.) shall be conducted in English.
  • Along the first year, it must be established an English B2 level, passing a test, providing one of the supported official certificates or any way determined by the university. In the first weeks of the course will inform students how they can prove their level.
  • After completing the studies, the DS mention of having carried out the studies in English will appear.

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Facts about this bachelor's degree

Year of implementation: 2016

Places offered:

  • Getafe Campus: 35

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Evaluation and monitoring

Memoria de verificación (UC3M)  - Grado en Estudios Internacionales (UC3M)

Memoria de verificación del grado en Economía  - Grado en Economía (UC3M)

Informe de verificación  - Grado en  Estudios Internacionales (ANECA)

Informe de Verificación del Grado en Economía- Grado en Economía (ANECA)


Informe de seguimiento (Fundación madri+d)

Teaching staff and teaching plan

Courses of the studies plan and teaching staff