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Application from foreign universities

cambio desde universidad extranjera

Solicitud de plaza

  • Deadline for year 2024/25: from the 16th of January to the 6th of March, 2024.
  • Amount 70 € for the study of academic records, if would be appropiate, for possible recognition of courses.

Steps to application

STEP 1. Get your password

To access the application, you need your password. If you haven't the password, you must sign up.

If you have any problem in the process, may be because you have some kind of previous relationship with UC3M. Try to recover your user and password here.

STEP 2. Prepare the documentation

The documentation must be uploaded scanned to the application. If you get a place, you must provide the original stamped document or certified copies.We recommend that you prepare the documentation in advance because you can't complete the application if all documents aren't uploaded properly.

Official documents issued by member states of EU or signatories to the agreement on the European Economic Area needn't be legalized. The documents issued by other countries must be stamped or be legalized through diplomatic chanels (embassies and consulates of Spain of the country where you come and with the approval of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

You must provide:

  • Copy of your ID or Passport
  • Official certificate of your GPA.
  • Official course programs, stamped by your university, with a detailed description of the contents.
  • Besides, you can provide a cover letter with your motivations to come to UC3M.

The documents must be only in ENGLISH or SPANISH. If your documents are in other language, you must do a official translation. You can apply for this translation by the Language Interpreting Office of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by UNESCO or any official organization recognized for Spain, by any spanish representation abroad, by the diplomatic or consular spanish presentation in the country where you come or by sworn translator, properly authorized or registered.

Each document must be scanned in a single PDF document (max 4MB).


STEP 3. Apply for your place

Access to the application with your user and password (step 1). Application allows a maximum of two applications in two differente degrees. Besides, you must provide the documentation of step 2. We recommend you that you have the necessary documentation scanned and ready to upload. In this way, you avoid that the session expires.

The last step is the payment with credit or debit card. Follow the instructions and if you have any question or an error appears, contact us before to try it again.

If you have questions about the application, check the tutorial.


STEP 4. Check your application

You can check the status of the application in the application accessing it with the same keys which you have made it. The different states are:

  • Requested by the applicant: Application has been done correctly.
  • Pending Documents: Check your pending documents. You have a 10-days deadline to submit your documents.
  • Application fee required for processing: Pending the payment of fee. Application will not be processed.
  • Application under review: Documents and application are correct  and ready to be assessed.
  • Validated: Application under review.
  • Admitted: Student has been admitted. 
  • Not admitted: Student has not  been admitted.
  • Allowed to enroll: You can enroll. Check enrollment deadlines.



In case that you have been admitted, you could check your recognized courses report.