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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Cabecera de página FAQ's

1. I don’t know how and when to enroll in a Master’s Program.

In these links you can check all the information (guides, incidence forms, codebook, link to programs, deadlines and the application access). The Information is available in Spanish and English.

Enrollment Information


2. I forgot my keys.

Get your keys here, with your ID / Passport (the same that was introduced in the application form) and your date of birth.

If you fail, please contact with our contact form and send us your request.


3. What is a singled Price Master?

It means that the price per credit of the Master’s program is above the minimum established by the taxes of the Community of Madrid for University Masters.


4. There isn’t any schedule published on the website.

If we still have not included in our software application, we have published a pdf file on the website. If you do not find it and is a Master’s Program taught in previous years, the link leads to the information from the previous academic year with the indication that they are provisional.


5. What does N.U.S.S. means?

N.U.S.S. means Social Security User Number. You have to give us this number is case you are covered by the Student Insurance.

If you don’t have it or you don’t remember it you can go to a Social Security Office where they can provide it to you by presenting your National Identity Document (DNI). You can also apply for it online if you have a digital certificate, in the section Affiliation and Registration or you can get a copy in Duplicate Affiliation Document.


6. I am doing the registration and the name of the subjects is in Spanish, despite being a Master’s Degree in English. Is there any problem?

This is because you've access into the Spanish version of the Automatrícula. You can change to the English version to see the subjects in that language. The enrollment can be done without problems even if there isn’t a coincidence between the language of the application and the Master’s Program.


7. I am receiving academic validation messages (subjects not placed, minimum number of credits to register, etc).

The message "subject does not place" is because you may be doing the enrollment incorrectly when there are electives tracks to follow, or enrollment more subjects than you need, etc. To do this properly you can check the syllabus on the website of your Master’s Program.

If you are notified that you are not enrolling the minimum required, it may be because there is an error in the part time or full time configuration (be careful with the TFM, in some Master’s Program there is the possibility to enroll close to the defense, while in others it is mandatory to enroll at the beginning).

You can send us any issue or query through our contact form.


8. The message "If you continue with the registration, other records will be closed, would you continue?" appears.

It is because there is another open file at the Carlos III University. Using the contact form  you can send us your incidence to get the simultaneity and continue without problem.


9. I want to enroll for Complementary Practices, International Stay or Continuing Education, but I can't make it through Automatrícula, how can I do it?

At the beginning of the year, in September, you must make the request in the Information Office and you will receive a response from the Academic Direction, after that, the enrollment will be made.


10. What is the discount of the MEyFP scholarship?

At the time of enrollment you can select the option MEyFP scholarship if you meet the academic requirements demanded to be eligible to be a beneficiary of it. The discount to be held at that time will be 100% of tuition fees.

If you are not finally granted the scholarship, you would have to pay the full amount of the  tuition without possibility of splitting the payment .


11. I'll study a double Master and I want to apply for MEyFP Scholarship.

You can only indicate one of the two masters, considering that in a qualifying Master (Legal Practice and Telecommunications Eng.) the average mark is 6.5 and in the rest is a 7. Also keep in mind that you can only access aid tuition (fees) and not the rest of additional benefits, because it is considered part-time enrollment.


12. I have a different scholarship to the MEyFP Scholarship such as “Enrollment grant of the Postgraduate Center”, “Study Grants” or “Scholarships from organizations that have an agreement with UC3M”, and it did not appear in the dropdown of Scholarships when I enrolled.

In order to select the scholarship it is necessary that it has been already resolved, and also recorded by the administration in the section of SIGMA. We are going to try to record all grants, if it is not recorded you must send the resolution proof through this form and we will record it.

In addition, if you had formalized your enrollment prior to the resolution in your student file, we will also proceed to modify it and regularize the amounts as soon as the grant is recorded in your file.

You can mark MEyFP Scholarship if you meet the required academic requirements.


13. What happens if a non-UC3M company or organization is going to finance part or all of the cost of my tuition?

In order to carry out the appropriate arrangements and procedures with the financing company or institution, you must send us through the contact form the document that accredits the finantial grant or financial documentation.


14. Can I have MEyFP Scholarship and UC3M  Financial aid/scholarships for tuition?

At the time of enrollment you will be able to select ONLY ONE of them. The MEyFP Scholarship, if you meet the requirements, you will be able to select it in your enrollment but on a conditional basis, pending resolution. If you are finally granted with the MEyFP scholarship, as it covers 100% of tuition fees, the tuition assistance will be terminated. If you are denied, at the second quarter the adjustment will be made and tuition assistance already granted will be applied.


15. Can I indicate Scholarship MEyFP and split the payment?

No, because the administrative fees, the only ones you would have to pay at the time of enrollment provided you have the scholarship owner condition, can’t be splitted. Also, note that if you are not granted the MEyFP scholarship, you would have to pay the full amount of the tuition fees minus the reservation fee without possibility of splitting the payment.


16. Can I choose MEyFP scholarship and part time tuition?

Yes, the Ministry is considering part-time enrollment any tuition of 30-59 credits (except when the first academic year is less than 60 ECTS). You must take this into account because it has less economic benefits. If you are successful tenderer, it will cover tuition fees.
You can not enroll less than 30 credits.


17. What if I have registered between 30 and 59 credits in the first semester?

The Ministry of Education indicates that these grants will be processed as partial * (only will be entitled to the tuition scholarship and the minimum variable).
(*) Except those Master’s Program which, according to theirs studies plan, enroll 54 credits the first academic year.

From January, if the Ministry has granted you the scholarship and you have registered at least 60 ECTS, you must file a claim in any of the Registries of the University located in the Info-Points each Campus (PIC), aimed at MEyFP scholarship section, to complete aid (residence and / or income and / or full variable) provided you fulfill the requirements for adjudication.


18. I want to split the payment. What are the payment periods?

Check the payment periods. The enrollment performed after a payment period has been issued, means that at the next period, 2 amounts will be charged.


19. I have problems with the payment by credit card.

  • You need to have enough credit to make the payment.
  • The card must be Visa and Mastercard.
  • If the connection cut-off, you must access by pending transactions payments of TPV on this link.


20. When I select a subject, "No available groups" appears, does that mean I'm out of seat in that subject?

No, it means that the group capacity has not been managed or there aren’t seats. Fill in this contact form  and explain your situation.


21. I have completed the enrollment, what are the next steps?

Once completed, you can complete the questionnaire socioeconomic, activate the email account (in September) and process the student card at the beginning of the course.


22. Steps to get  the university card and activate email:

Check the website of the University Smart Card (TUI) and email.


23. I have trouble activating the email account and with issuance of the university card.

Sometimes you will need to wait until September to activate your account.

If problems persist in September, we will contact the IT managers to fix it.

If you have a card from your previous UC3M Degree, you must arrange the change fill out this form.


24. Can I apply for bonus enrollment in my Master’s Program, for the Distinctions obtained in the Degree?

No, according to the internal regulations, the bonus for Distinction is applied automatically on the next academic year, providing being the same study. Therefore it is only applicable to Distinction obtained in the Master’s program, to reclaim those ects to enroll in the next academic year in the same Master.


25. I live in Andorra and have problems to direct debit the payment of the enrollment.

The Direct Debit of enrollment is conditioned and you must achieve. One of them, is that the account for enrollment must be inside the area of the SEPA (search here the list of countries) and to have code IBAN. In addition, the habitual residence or the course has to be in the country the area of the SEPA, when you make the enrollment.

You can consult more information in the page Prices, Payment Methods and Reductions of enrollment webpage.


26. How can I access for the tuition payment with credit/debit card?

From our application access to Fees » Payment Process (TPV)


27. What must I do to credited a European Union citizenship in order to pay UE fees?

You must prove your citizenship of any of the UE States Members before the beginning of the academic year (if you have not done so when applying for admission to the master's degree) so that the corresponding UE fees can be applied to your enrollment.

The supporting documentation of the previous circumstances must be presented before the seventh day of the beginning of the corresponding academic year.

For any further question, contact us: