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    Check the price of ECTS in the section ENROLLMENT, within the ADMISSION tab of your degree: School of Graduate Studies (the prices are conditioned to final approval by the Community of Madrid).

    The price of a Masters Degree is the sum of tuition prices and administrative prices.

    Indicated fees may be subject to variation depending on the changes approved by the Government of the Community of Madrid. Such variations may also affect the tuition fees of sophomores, and / or the price of the second and subsequent enrollment fees (failing grade).


    You can check the regulation of the Madrid Region Government which sets the prices for University Public Studies clicking the following link:

    📥 │ Current prices for the 2021/2022 *

    * Fees are still pending approval by the Community of Madrid for the academic year 21/22


    Tuition fees are calculated taking into account the following factors:

    a) The number of academic courses of the Master according to their credit:

    • 60 ECTS: 1 academic year
    • 90 / 120 ECTS: 2 academic years

    b) The different price of the ECTS, depending if it is the first, second or following registrations.

    The price of the annual tuition is obtained multiplying the number of credits enrolled in first registration and on successive enrollments by the amount approved for the same academic year. This price may be different for students from the European Union and International Student (Non EU). This situation is indicated in each master program.


    Prices currently in force for the course 2020/21 are the following: *

    Concept Euros
    Student registration 27,54
    Master Degree Certificate 176,27
    Transcript of records 27,54
    Syllabus certificate 27,54
    The Diploma Supplement: free provided that you have made the request for the issue of the Master Degree and have paid the fee 0,00
    University ID card                   6,11
    General administration fees 6,11
    School insurance 1,12

    * DECREE 83/2016, of August 9 (B.O.C.M. August 11) by de Government Council, establishing public prices for university studies.



    Concept Euros
    Master Degree Certificate:  
           - To Spanish official bodies 20,00
           - To European countries official bodies (EU member states) 40,00
           - To European countries official bodies (not EU member states) 50,00
           - To other countries official bodies 55,00
    Any other documentation:  
           - To Spain 15,00
           - To other countries 25,00

    There are three ways of payment of tuition:

    • Direct Debit: you must provide the number of the bank account (including IBAN) from which you wish the direct debit to be made as well as the personal information of the account holder. It needs to be an open account at an institution of the SEPA and IBAN. Also the habitual or academic year residence adress must be from a country of the SEPA, and should be reflected in the section "Personal Data" during the enrollment process. Direct debit payment method is compulsory if you request MEC scholarship.
    • Credit/debit payment (TPV): If you don't have a bank account with the above requirements, you must pay by credit card or debit card. Make sure you have enough credit on it to pay.
    • Direct deposit in a bank or savings bank: (In Spain, Bankia or Banco de Santander) by presenting proof of payment within 10 days of the registration date.


    There is the possibility of deferred payment (available using Direct Debit, deposit in a bank and credit/debit card payment). This option allows payment up to five installments, following the schedule of debits.

    If enrollment date is later than any payment installment, these will be charged at the following installment after the registration.

    Check the price of ECTS in the section ENROLLMENT, within the ADMISSION tab of your degree.

    ☛ The prices are conditioned to final approval by the Community of Madrid.



    To bookmark the condition that appropriate, which is listed below in enrollment (SECTION OF "PAYMENT INFORMATION"), you need to input the documentation available in sufficient time and in any case prior to registration, filling this electronic form:

    Large Family

    You will be entitled to the discount by providing a Large Family Title issued by the corresponding Autonomous Community.

    Large family status will entitle you to a discount on tuition prices:

    • General Large Family: 50% reduction in academic and administrative fees
    • Speacial Large Family: Exemption from academic and administrative  fees (100%)

    If you have requested the renewal, the bonus will also be applied if the final degree is in valid on the first day of the academic year.


    You will have the right to a 100% exemption from tuition fees if you prove a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% by means of the Resolution of Recognition issued by the corresponding Autonomous Community or the IMSERSO

    Victims of terrorist attacks / Death on active duty

    You will be entitled to 100% exemption from academic fees if you have the certificate issued by the Ministerio del Interior.

    The supporting document must be valid on the first day of classes of the academic year.

    In case of not having the diploma certifying because of being in resolution period upon request of the student, it must have been done before start of the academic year. If the document has expired and you request renewal after the day following the start date of the course, you will NOT be entitled to price reduction or exemption.



    In the case of being selected for grants/aids, process is this one:

    • Grants or Scholarships from the Ministry of Education: To select this condition you must meet the academic requirements requested by the Ministry. Use the electronic form to provide academic certificate* including the average mark of previous studies (pdf), only if you have not presented in your request of admission, or has been updated with later notes.

      Once we receive the documentation and after receiving a confirmatory email, you should indicate this condition on your registration form (SECTION ON “PAYMENT INFORMATION”). If the scholarship is denied, previous notification, the installment will be charged from the account provided.

      * It is not necessary for UC3M students
    • Other Grants/ Aids Financial: In these cases, you can only select the scholarship holder condition if the administration is aware of the adjudication. If there is any incident, you must provide the appropriate documents to correct it and be able to select the enrollment condition.


    According to the UC3M regulations for enrollment:

    • Students may partially cancel their enrollments, without refund of the prices paid by them, up to two months after the start of each academic semester regarding the subjects that will be taught in that school period.
    • The cancellation of the full registration due to the resignation of the student will not entail the return of the prices paid by it. Exceptionally, when the student communicates his / her resignation before the start of the course and has paid the full registration, he / she will be entitled to the return of 50% of the amount of said enrollment, with the exception of the prices for secretarial services and school insurance that will not be subject to of return in any case.

    In no case will the money for the place reservation be returned.



    The Higher Polytechnic School has a page with all the information regarding the modification and cancellation of registration on its four master's degrees:

    • Telecommunications Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Informatics Engineering