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Master in Space Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering and Basic Sciences

Escuela de Ingeniería y Ciencias Básicas
Prof. Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo


 Places available: 30

Bioengineering and Aeroespace Engineering, Signal and Communications Theory, Electronic Technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Telematic Engineering, Systems Engineering and Automation, Mechanical Engineering


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    The Master of Space Engineering provides the comprehensive and specialized training required by the space industry. This is a booming sector with growth in Europe and Spain of almost 10% per year in the last decade. The labor market of this industry is dynamic, with a high demand for master-level graduates in engineering, in particular, from the areas of aerospace and telecommunications.

    The Master's program in Space Engineering responds to the international, integral, and multidisciplinary nature of the space projects and missions according to three vectors. First, the teaching of the master's degree is entirely in English. Second, it provides a complete training in design and systems engineering with a teaching methodology aimed at the development of space projects. Third, the key topics in space technologies and applications are covered theoretically and practically. These includes both the space vehicle, understood as the platform on which different subsystems are integrated, and its orbital and attitude dynamics, as well as the disciplines related to control, communications, data transmission, as well as the most relevant technological applications.

    The UC3M has the appropriate means to provide the necessary multidisciplinary training, through the Departments involved in the fields of Aerospace, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Automation, etc. Finally, it has been established a close collaboration with the industrial sector for both lecturing and internships.

    Satélite de comunicaciones en órbita

    Reasons to study Master in Space Engineering


    • ☛ 90% of doctors or renowned professionals in faculty
    • ☛ Minimum 40% continuous evaluation
    • ☛ Maximum of 40 students per class
    • ☛ More than 10% of employment growth in the last 5 years in Europe (ASD)
    • ☛ The size of the Spanish space sector has doubled in the last decade (TEDAE)

      Course 1 - Semester 1

      1st Term
      Space Project Management3CEnglish
      Space Environment3CEnglish
      Onboard spacecraft software3CEnglish
      Choose 1
      Complements to telecomunications engineering6EEnglish
      Complements to aerospace engineering6EEnglish
      2nd Term
      Attitude dynamics and Guidance Navigation and Control3CEnglish
      Orbital dynamics3CEnglish
      Space Propulsion3CEnglish
      Antennas and Radio Propagation3CEnglish
      Telecommunications and Signal Processing3CEnglish

      Course 1 - Semester 2

      3rd Term
      Thermal Subsystem2CEnglish
      Power Subsystem2CEnglish
      Spacecraft Structure2CEnglish
      Space Electronics3CEnglish
      Space Systems Engineering3CEnglish
      Space Security3CEnglish
      4th Term
      Onboard data handling and telemetry3CEnglish
      Ground Segment and Operations3CEnglish
      Spacecraft Pre-design3CEnglish
      Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Telecommunication Systems3CEnglish
      Remote sensing and scientific missions3CEnglish

      Course 2 - Semester 1

      1st Term
      Choose 15 ECTS *
      Launchers and Re-entry3EEnglish
      Advanced Space Propulsion3EEnglish
      Space robotics & Automation3EEnglish
      Entrepreneurship & Innovation3EEnglish
      The Solar System3EEnglish
      Earth Observation Data Processing3EEnglish
      Manufacturing, Integration & Testing3EEnglish
      Big Data for Space Missions3EEnglish
      Industrial Internship3EEnglish
      Industrial Internship6EEnglish
      Integral proyect12EEnglish
      2nd Term
      Seminars on Advanced Topics3CEnglish
      Master Thesis12TFM

      * The offer of electives is subject to changes.

      C) Compulsory: 57 ECTS

      E) Elective course: 21 ECTS

      TFM) Master's Thesis: 12 ECTS


      General Information about Master

      ☛ Implantation year:

      Quality Assurance

      The Academic Committee of the Master complies with the SGIC-UC3M and it is responsible for the quality analysis of the program, it contributes with proposals to improve the program and produces the “Memoria Académica de Titulación”.​


    UC3M faculty

    The Master in Space Engineering has a teaching team of full professors and professors from the different Departments participating in the program:



      The request is made electronically through our application. Before starting the admission process it is important to consult the supporting information that we offer below:


      The entry profiles for this Master are:

      • Degree in Aerospace Engineering branch
      • Degree in Telecommunications Engineering branch

      Entry profiles also suitable for this master after following six credits of training complements are:

      • Degree in Industrial Engineering branch
      • Degree in Physics Engineering branch or Applied Physics

      However, as previously explained, the MISE intends to have a multidisciplinary and integrating nature miming the reality of the space industry, which implies accepting different technological background profiles. For this reason, the Committee that prepares the program would like to be able to consider access to engineering graduates from other branches (such as industrial, computer science, ...) or bachelor in physical or mathematical sciences. For these profiles, the Master Admissions Committee will establish the training complements that it considers necessary based on the previous training of each applicant.

      If necessary, the Academic Committee will establish the appropriate basic training to access the Master according to the admission profiles.



      The suitability and ordering of the candidates will be done according to:

      Academic record of access studies Maximum 100
      Level of English knowledge Maximum 20
      Other merits Maximum 20

      They are essential conditions for the application of a candidate to be considered for admission:

      1. Possess an engineering degree or equivalent qualification of at least 240 credits.
      2. Have a minimum level of English of B2 or equivalent, certified properly
      3. Submit a letter of motivation of a page in English.


      The entrance profiles for this Master are:

      • Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering
      • Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering

      Income profiles also suitable after completing 6 credits of training complements, the following:

      • Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering
      • Bachelor's Degree in Physical Engineering or Applied Physics

      Language requirements

      Check the general language requirements required to study a Master’s at UC3M, depending on whether it is in Spanish, English or bilingual.

      students with foreign university degrees

      Once admitted to the Master, students with university degrees issued by a higher education institution belonging to an educational system outside the EEES, must provide, for enrollment, the diploma, legalized by diplomatic procedures or “The Hague Convention Apostille”. They must also submit the transcript of records, with the grade point average, duly legalized.

      More information about Legalization of Documents.

      If needed, documents must be accompanied by an official sworn translation into Spanish.


      FEES *

      2019-2020 Academic year


      • Reservation fee: €450 (It will be paid once the student receives notification of admission to the master, and deducted from the first tuition payment)

      60 ECTS in the first academic year:

      • EU students: €2,701.2 (€45.02/ECTS credit)
      • Non EU students: €5,044.2 (€84.07/ECTS credit)

      * Pending approval by the Regional Government of Madrid for 2019/2020


      ✎│Programme’s fees

      NOTE: The enrolment fees do not include the cost of issuing the master’s degree certificate.

      Additional information

      • You may enrol on the master’s degree after completing the admission process and receiving formal confirmation of your acceptance.
      • When performing the enrolment you can choose between Full-time enrolment or Part-time enrolment.
      • The email address provided upon enrolment will be used for formal communications; students are therefore kindly requested to check their mail regularly.
      • Pursuant to the regulations of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, a student failing to pay any part of the fees will not be admitted and the enrolment process will be terminated. In cases of cancellation of enrolment due to non-payment, the University may demand the payment of the pending amounts for enrolment in previous academic courses as a prior condition of enrolment.
        No diploma or certificate will be issued if a student has any outstanding payments.

      ✎│Enrolment master’s programmes

      ✎ ECTS credits recognition


    General information on grants and scholarships

    For more information on specific grants of interest awarded by UC3M and by other agencies or organisations.

    🎓 Grants to study a University Master’s


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    Direct access to timetable (Academic Year 2019-2020) │ Will be published soon

    Schedule 2019-2020 Academic year  (provisional)

    Classes will be taught during MORNINGS and AFTERNOONS.

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    Access to Virtual Secretariat

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    Material Resources of the program

    Material resources of Leganes Campus

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    complaints and suggestions

    General Registry Office

    OPINA system

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    Access to Employment and internships


    Double Master's Degrees offered by UC3M

    Admission period open


    The UC3M offers you the possibility of taking the Master's Degree in Space Engineering along with a master's degree that enables you to exercise regulated professional activities:

    Depending on the Double Master’s Degree studied, you will obtain the corresponding validated ECTS credits, so you can receive in two academic years, two Official Master's Degrees. You can access more detailed information about each Double Master's Degree via the links above.