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UC3M Open BS program in Engineering

Grado Abierto Ingeniería
2 years (120 credits)
Bilingual, Spanish


Open Bachelor Degree programs enable you to begin your university studies without having to initially decide upon which degree you wish to pursue.

In the UC3M Open Bachelor’s Degree program in Engineering, during your first two years you can enroll in courses from any of the degree programs in your branch of study. 

This program offers an opportunity to determine the degree that best corresponds to your interests, as you get to know the core programs and their basic features before finally making your choice. 

A tutor is available to closely guide you in selecting your classes and  in deciding the degree you will ultimately pursue by the end of your second year.

Employability and profesional internships

UC3M has agreements with over 3000 companies and institutions in which students can undertake internships and access job openings.

A total of 93.4 % of graduates from this University enter the job market the first year after finishing their studies, according to the 2019 XXIV Estudio de Inserción Profesional (Professional Placement Study).


International Excellence

QS Top 50 Under 50
Times Higher Education (THE)

What is?

What is?

Once you are accepted in the Open Bachelor's Degree, a personalized tutor will advise you about the election of courses.

Along two years, you can choose courses of any degree of the branch until 120 credits. Before the election, check the instructions in Program tab.

After the two academic years, you can access to your chosen degree if you have passed a minimum of 90 credits and meet the next requirements:

  • Have the same cut off grade of your chosen degree in the moment to access.
  • Have the same cut off grade of your chosen degree in the moment that you access to the Open Bachelor's Degree.
  • Have a minimum of 48 recognizable credits in your chosen degree and your GPA would be equal or over that the GPA of the chosen degree.  


Courses recognition

Once you have enrolled in the degree that you have chosen, UC3M will recognize you the passed and equivalent courses in Open Bachelor's Degree in your academic record. 

The course in which you enter depend on how many courses you have passed in Open Bachelor's Degree. Your academic tutor will advise you in the election of courses to facilitate in the recognition process.

However, the not recognized subjects will also be incorporated to your academic record as further training.


Further Training

To facilitate your multidisciplinary training, when you're in your chosen degree, you can continue studying subjects of other degrees by the Further Training program. With this program, you can enroll a maximum of 12 credits in each semester

If you have passed a minimum of 36 credits in Further Training, when you'll finish your degree, you'll receive a certificate.


Student profile

  • Entry profile

    Entry profile

    The UC3M Open Bachelor's Degree is oriented to students with doubts in the election of their studies. If you don't know your favourite degree yet, you can choose courses of different fields and know other studies areas.

    Besides, you can get a further training in various areas, even once you will be enrolled in your choosen degree.

  • Career opportunities

    Career opportunities

    The areas of work will be those related to the student's final degree program.

Study in English

Studies with bilingual option

In this degree, the university offers the opportunity to study in English more than half of the subjects of the studies program. Once you have been admitted, you will choose, at the time of enrollment, the language in which you will study in accordance with the following conditions:

  • In groups in English, all works (classes, drills, exercises, tests, etc.) will be conducted in English.
  • Along the first year, it must be established an English B2 level, performing a test, providing one of the supported official certificates or any way determined by the university. In the first weeks of the course will inform students how they can prove their level.
  • The courses offered in English are in the studies program.
  • In case there are more applications than places available in English, interested persons will be ranked according to their admission grade.
  • If you are enrolled in English and exceed at least 50% of the credits offered at the UC3M, in the DS appear a mention of bilingual studies.

More information about Languages in Degrees


Schedules and calendar

Schedules and exams calendar (the schedules are the same as of the degree in which curses the subject)

Academic calendar


Facts about Open Bachelor's Degree

Year of implementation: 2016

Places offered:

  • Leganés Campus: 12