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European Union students

Students from EU countries, IB, European Baccalaureate or countries with agreement

Students with high school studies from:

  • European Union countries (Spain is not included).
  • Countries with agreement (Colombia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Andorra and China).
  • International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • European Baccalaureate.

If these students fulfill with the university access requirements in their country, they could access to University in Spain without the spanish university entrance exams.

Their University Access Qualification will be the grade of their high school studies, transferred to the Spanish system of 10 points. This grade will appear in the UNED accreditation too. 

To improve this grade until 14 points, UC3M will keep in mind the two better analyzed courses among the following:

  • Passed courses in the university entrance exam in your country or in the high school final exam that gives you access to the university. These grades will have to appear in the UNED credential. (more information)
  • Passed courses in the UNED Competence Tests. (more information)

In some cases it will not be necessary to take exams in Spain to apply with the highest possible grade because UNED will incorporate the qualifications of the baccalaureate of certain courses. Firstly, you should check in this table which courses will be analyzed in the studies that you are interested in and then go to UNED to see if these grades will appear in your accreditation. In this way, you could assess if it's convenient to attend the UNED tests.

Besides, you should keep in mind that other universities could require you the overcoming of UNED Competence tests to improve your grade until 14 points scale. Check the information in each university.

Information and application for accreditation on the UNED website

IMPORTANT: It's not necessary put in the UNED accreditation the Baccalaureate mode to apply for a place in UC3M. Spanish language certification may be required if yoy apply for a study taught in spanish or bilingual (more information)