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Master in Statistics for Data Science

Graduate School of Engineering and Basic Sciences

Escuela de Ingeniería y Ciencias Básicas
Prof. Juan Miguel Marín Diazaraque
Madrid - Puerta de Toledo


☛ Plazas ofertadas: 40

Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering Department


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    Statistics, data, analytics. Three words that are shaping the future. Three topics in which you will become proficient in this master.

    This master program provides a thorough training in the statistical toolbox behind Data Science. Deep understanding of fundamental statistical methods is emphasized throughout a combination of methodological exposition, computational implementation, and application of methods. Our target is to create self-sufficient data scientists able to tackle any modelling task by applying, modifying/developing, and deploying new data analysis techniques.

    Most of the data science masters focus on applications of methods, i.e. on the how to apply, rather than on the statistical techniques behind them: the how to build. The defining characteristic of this master is that it provides the same weight to both components that define the all-terrain data scientist.

    The master graduates will have the adequate training at the right time for this new exciting market. Additionally, top master students will have the opportunity to enter the PhD program in Statistics.

    reasons to study master in statistical science data.



    • ☛ The job market for data scientists has been rapidly growing in the last years and it is expected to grow even more in the future.
    • IBM projects an increment of 28% of the demand of data scientists by 2020 and reports that a 39% of data scientist positions require a master or a PhD.


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    Master in verification process for the year 2018-19


      This is a one academic year master (60 ECTS) offered in English. It is comprised by 39 ECTS of compulsory subjects, 15 ECTS of electives and a Master’s Thesis of 6 ECTS.

      The master offers two pathways according to the future student professional interests: either mainly methodological or mainly applied. The first one places more emphasis in advanced statistical methods for data science, while the latter is adequate for those more interested in applications, consulting, and high-performance computing.
      Each pathway is associated to five out of ten elective subjects:

      • Methodological: Simulation and Resampling, Time Series Analysis; Advanced Regression and Prediction, Biostatistics; Functional Data Analysis.
      • Applied: Data Tidying and Reporting; Scalable and Distributed Computing; Network Analysis, Graphical and Hidden Markov Models; Advanced Numerical Methods for Data Science. 

      Syllabus content

      Course 1 - Semester 1

      1st Term
      Mathematics for Data Science3CEnglish
      Statistical Inference3CEnglish
      Programming in R3CEnglish
      Numerical Methods for Data Science3CEnglish
      2nd Term
      Stochastic Processes3CEnglish
      Multivariate Analysis3CEnglish
      Statistical Learning3CEnglish
      Regression Models3CEnglish
      Advanced Programming3CEnglish

      Course 1 - Semester 2

      3rd Term
      Bayesian Inference3CEnglish
      Nonparametric Statistics3CEnglish
      Perspectives on Statistics3CEnglish
      Choose 2 electives
      Simulation and Resampling3EEnglish
      Time Series Analysis3EEnglish
      Scalable and Distributed Computing3EEnglish
      Data Tidying and Reporting3EEnglish
      4th Term
      Choose 3 electives
      Advanced Regression and Prediction3EEnglish
      Network Analysis3EEnglish
      Graphical and Hidden Markov Models3EEnglish
      Functional Data Analysis3EEnglish
      Advanced Numerical Methods for Data Science3EEnglish

      Course 1 - Annual

      Master's Thesis
      Subjects ECTS TYPE
      Master's Thesis 6 MT

      C) Compulsory: 39 ECTS

      E) Elective course: 15 ECTS

      MT) Master's Thesis: 6 ECTS


      Información General del Título

      Año de implantación:

      Graduate Profile and Competences

      Garantía de Calidad del Programa

      La Comisión Académica de Máster está definida dentro del SGIC de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid como el Órgano que hace el seguimiento, analiza, revisa, evalúa la calidad de los programas, y las necesidades de mejora y aprueba la Memoria Académica de Titulación.



      The request is made electronically through our application. Before starting the admission process it is important to consult the supporting information that we offer below:

      Requisitos de acceso

      Según la normativa establecida por el Real Decreto 1393/2007, modificado por el Real Decreto 861/2010, se requiere que los alumnos estén en posesión de una titulación universitaria previa (al menos titulación de Grado o equivalente), preferentemente en las áreas formativas de:

      • Estadística.
      • Ciencias Matemáticas.
      • Ciencias Físicas.
      • Ingeniería Informática.
      • Ingeniería Industrial.
      • Ingeniería de Telecomunicaciones.

      No se excluye la posibilidad de que licenciados o graduados de otras titulaciones puedan acceder a los estudios del máster siempre y cuando cumplan con los requisitos de aptitudes mencionadas en el perfil de ingreso, acreditando niveles de conocimiento suficientes en las áreas de Matemáticas (Álgebra y Cálculo), Estadística (Probabilidad e Inferencia) e Informática (habilidades básicas de programación).

      La experiencia profesional previa no es un requisito imprescindible, aunque sí se valorará positivamente.


      Criterios de admisión

      La selección de alumnos se hará en base a:

      Expediente académico de los estudios del acceso 50%
      Experiencia profesional 10%
      Calificaciones obtenidas en materias esenciales para cursar el máster 20%
      Motivación, interés y cartas de recomendación 10%
      Otros: premios, portfolio de trabajos 10%

      Language requirements

      You can check the language requirements of the generic language required to study for a Master at UC3M, depending on whether it is in Spanish, English or bilingual.

      Foreign students

      Once admitted to the Master, foreign students with university degree issued by a higher education institution belonging to an educational system outside the EEES, must present, for enrollment, the diploma attesting equivalent training that allows access to postgraduate studies, legalized by diplomatic procedures, or “The Hague Convention Apostille”. More information about Legalization of Documents.

      If needed, documents must be accompanied by an official sworn translation into Spanish.


      Program Price *

      Course 2018-2019


      • Reservation fee: 450 € (It will be paid once the student receives notification of admission to the master, and deducted from the first tuition payment)

      60 ECTS in the first academic year:

      • EU students: 4.800€ (80€/ECTS credit)
      • Non EU students: 7.200€ (120€/ECTS credit)


      ◢  More information about masters prices

      * Pending approval by the Community of Madrid for the course 18/19

      Additional information

      • You can register on the Master’s degree program when you have finished the application admission process and you have received your acceptance.
      • When performing the enrollment you can choose between Full-time enrollment or Part-time enrollment.
      • The email address which the University provides to the student upon enrollment will be used principally for communications with said student. For this reason, it is essential that it be actualized and periodically consulted.
      • Failure to make payment shall result in non-admission or termination of enrollment according to that established by the University. In case of annulment of registration because of failure to make payment, Universities can demand payment for previous enrollment in earlier academic years as a previous condition for enrollment.
        Universities shall not issue a diploma or certificate when a student has payments of any kind pending.

      General information for enrollment in official Master’s degrees

      Information about credits recognition


    General Information about grants and scholarships

    You can find more information about scholarships of UC3M and other agencies or entities.

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