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UC3M - Double Master Degree in Informatics Engineering and Cybersecurity

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  • UC3M - Double Master Degree in Informatics Engineering and Cybersecurity

Graduate School of Engineering and Basic Sciences

Escuela de Ingeniería y Ciencias Básicas
INFORMATICS ENG.: Prof. José Daniel García Sánchez, / CYBERSECURITY: Prof. Pedro Peris López
Bilingual, Spanish
Leganes, Madrid - Puerta de Toledo

 Opening December 1st 

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic Technology, Telematic Engineering


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    The UC3M offers you the possibility of jointly studying the Master in Informatics Engineering, along with the Master in Cybersecurity. The former allows you to acquire the training to practice as a Informatics Engineer. This study option means you will obtain a high level of specialization and research training that will put you in prime position regarding employment and / or access to Ph.D. studies.

    Master in Informatics Engineering

    The Master in Informatics Engineering (Computer Engineering) combines advanced training in aspects of Direction and Management of IT projects with other aspects of Information Technology. This training program aims to fulfil its objective by training professionals who are competent to practice as computer engineers.

    The program is fully adapted to the recommendations for recognition of official qualifications in the Informatics Engineering Profession, General Secretariat of Universities (BOE 4 August 2009).

    The Master is made up of 90 ECTS credits. A group taught in Spanish is offered, divided into three semesters and organized into the following modules:

    • Direction and Management: This module provides advanced training in legal matters, technology company management, strategic planning and project management, paying special attention to innovation and R & D management.
    • Information Technology: This module allows students to engage in further study of technological aspects typical of computer engineering, which will enable students to gain an overview and detailed knowledge of this area.
    • Master's Thesis: This involves preparing a comprehensive project for Computer Engineering with a professional slant.

    Master in Cybersecurity

    The Master’s in Cybersecurity offers a program of a distinctly technical and practical character (clearly different from other Master’s programs in information security focused also on organizational, administrative and legal aspects). A didactic methodology is applied, based on on-site classes, specialized seminars, conferences, case studies, practical sessions in computer labs, tutorials, study and self-learning.

    The curriculum for the Master’s in Cybersecurity offers two tracks of elective courses for two different profiles of graduates, although students can also choose to shape their own electives track:

    • Secure Systems Engineer, oriented to the design and development of components and systems where security plays an important role. Their principal market niche is found in software creation departments (software factories) and architectural design departments.
    • Cybersecurity Analyst, oriented to organizations that need to be protected from cyber threats and require personnel who can identify attacks and vulnerabilities in their systems and networks.

    reasons to study Double Master´s Degree in Informatics Engineering and Cibersecurity


    • ☛ 2nd Master in Informatics Engineering according to the Ranking of El Mundo 2019
    • ☛ 4th Master in Technology according to the Ranking of El Mundo 2019
    • 100% employability
    • ☛ Employment rate above 93% for Computer Engineers and unemployment less than 4% (INE, 2014)
    • Double degree with Master's Degree in Computer Science and Technology (30 additional ECTS), Cybersecurity (36 additional ECTS) and Big Data (30 additional ECTS)


    • 100% employability of graduates in the cybersecurity sector
    • ☛ UC3M scholarship offer: 5%
    • 30% of students were given scholarships in 2015/16 through INCIBE
    • ☛ Compatibility of schedules with professional development: from 5:45 pm to 9 pm four days in the first quarter and depending on the track two or three days in the second term. Some elective subjects in the second term start at 4 pm


      The request is made electronically through our application. Before starting the admission process, please, read the following information:


      Check the requirements of the Master in Informatics Engineering.

      Check the requirements of the Master in Cybersecurity.


      Admission criteria

      Check the admission criteria of the Master in Informatics Engineering.

      Check the admission criteria of the Master in Cybersecurity.

      Language requirements

      Check the general language requirements required to study a Master’s at UC3M, depending on whether it is in Spanish, English or bilingual.

      STUDENTS with foreign university degrees

      Check the requirements of the Master in Informatics Engineering for students with foreign university degrees.

      Check the requirements of the Master in Cybersecurity for students with foreign university degrees.


      The admission process is carried out by the commission of each master independently and therefore, to access the double degree, it is necessary to have been previously admitted in both master's degrees


      FEES *

      2021-2022 Academic year


      Informatics Engineering
      Reservation fee1 €450
      Price EU students €29.78 / ECTS
      Price Non EU students €154.80 / ECTS
      Credits enrolling 72 ECTS
      Credits that are recognized (without cost)2 18 ECTS


      Reservation fee1 €450
      Price EU students €80 / ECTS
      Price Non EU students €120 / ECTS
      Credits enrolling 54 ECTS
      Credits that are recognized (without cost)2 6 ECTS

      Admission to the double master's program implies payment of the two reservation fees, one for each master's, within 10 calendar days of receiving notification of admission (this amount will be deducted from the first tuition payment). The reservation fee will only be refunded if the master program is cancelled. [+] information


      ✎│Programme’s fees

      NOTE: The enrolment fees do not include the cost of issuing the master’s degree certificate


      * Pending approval by the Community of Madrid for the academic year 21/22



      2 Admission and registration on the double master's degree course will provide exemption from ECTS credits which will be recognized according to the curriculum (see Program). Having obtained credits from both syllabuses, together with recognition of 24 ECTS you will be able to obtain two official master's qualifications in little more than a year and a half.

      ☛ Enrollment completely registers the student in the Master's Degree.

      ☛ A minimum enrollment of 25 students will have to be reached for each elective subject to be taught.

      Additional information

      • You may enrol on the master’s degree after completing the admission process and receiving formal confirmation of your acceptance.
      • When performing the enrolment you can choose between Full-time enrolment or Part-time enrolment.
      • The email address provided upon enrolment will be used for formal communications; students are therefore kindly requested to check their mail regularly.
      • Pursuant to the regulations of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, a student failing to pay any part of the fees will not be admitted and the enrolment process will be terminated. In cases of cancellation of enrolment due to non-payment, the University may demand the payment of the pending amounts for enrolment in previous academic courses as a prior condition of enrolment.
        No diploma or certificate will be issued if a student has any outstanding payments.

      ✎│Enrolment master’s programmes

      ✎│ECTS credits recognition