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Edición de vídeo y postproducción con DaVinci Resolve (Professional Certificate Program)

Three courses to help you become a video editing pro with the free DaVinci Resolve software.

Paleografía y caligrafía con manuscritos históricos hispánicos (Professional Certificate Program)

Five courses that provide the practical skills and methodology necessary to transcribe medieval and modern manuscript texts, as well as a deep immersion in the history of the written culture of the Hispanic kingdoms.

Luchas y utopías en el siglo de las mujeres

Main struggles and protagonists of feminism throughout history.

Ultra-dense networks for 5G and its evolution

Learn about the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G), a revolutionary technology under deployment. What are the main technological innovations and new applications?

Escuela de trabajo decente

It contributes to increasing productivity and job satisfaction through tools that promote decent work in the company.

Narrativa y guion de videojuegos

Narrativa y guion de videojuego

Introduction to the world of writing and narrative video game design. The course focuses on their specificities and on the differences between video game writing and other arts such as film, theater or literature.


Justicia restaurativa

Keys to quality criminal justice, based on communication and on the overcoming of the crime effects.

Technoethics and the Digital World (course only in Spanish)

Technology development is generating most interesting ethical challenges. This course combines a popular science perspective on the latest scientific developments together with ethical reflections as well as provides videos with a great sense of humor to enrich all points of view.

New Technologies and Industrial Property (course only in Spanish)

This course provides an overview of IT Law (principles, information society, Deep Web and Big Data) and Industrial Property Law (principles, patents, utility models, patentability and the protection of both software and inventions implemented on computers, trade marks and advertising), as well as illustrates the connections between both fields.

Unas manos enmarcan el símbolo de copy right

Patents and trademarks: making a difference with legal security (course only in Spanish)

The course delves into the world of patents and trademarks to know their regulation and operation, focusing on the owners' rights and on the actions to defend them.

Fotografía de unas piezas de puzle con una de ellas sacada de su lugar

Inclusive leadership (course only in Spanish)

You will know the differences between a manager and a leader, and also between diversity and inclusion. The leader of the 21st century must be an inclusive leader!

Technological entrepreneurship (course only in Spanish)

Plunge into technological entrepreneurship and learn start a new business in a technology-driven context.

Fundamentals of mobile communications: in the palm of your hand (course only in Spanish)

This online course explains mobile communications in an accessible way for anybody interested in its basics.

A History of Ethics (Course in Spanish)   

A glance at the history of ethics aiming to better address the challenges of the future. A critical view of ethics and moral not forgetting the sense of humour.

SDG: Moving Towards Sustainable Work. (curso en inglés)

Decent work is the critical engine of sustainable development. This course explores the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and mechanisms for developing decent and sustainable work

Fundamentals of Macroeconomics (Curso en inglés)

This course in Macroeconomics offers an introduction to the determinants of economic growth, the main reasons of the economic cycles (expansion and recessions) and the most important policies (fiscal and monetary) to minimize the negative impact of those cycles.

Foto abstracta simbolizando canales de información

Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS): A Survival Guide (Course also available in Spanish)   

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an MIS-dominated corporate world.

Desierto con monolitos

Utopedia: Education for a Knowledge Society   

A knowledge society, different from the industrial society, is currently emerging and demands that education is adapted to new educational requirements. Which are these requirements and why are they needed?

Cuadros difuminados y desenfocados

European Paintings: From Leonardo to Rembrandt to Goya. (Course also available in Spanish)

The Meaning Behind the Art of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Goya and many more. 

imagen con un diagrama de naipes

Fundamentals of Microeconomics (Course only available in English)

This economics course offers a thorough view of markets, including their strengths and failures. 

Cyber Security Basics: A Hands-on Approach (Course also available in Spanish)

This computer science course presents an introduction to cyber security showing different aspects of this discipline.


Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Burgos, Spain.

Explore the medieval city of Burgos (Spain) and assess its history of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious and cultural coexistence.

Ojo analizando código informático

Introduction to Computer Vision: Developing Applications with OpenCV (Course only available in Spanish)

To what extent can machines see? Discover computer vision programming using image analysis applications, one of the most innovative fields of artificial intelligence.

Chico grabando con el movil

DOCUMENTARY! New Trends, New Formats    

This MOOC presents the new trends and formats of 21st century audio-visual documentary including a brief historical overview.

Introduction to Java Programming (Course also available in spanish)

A series of career-oriented courses to develop in-demand skills. 1.-Starting to code in Java 2.-Writing Good Code 3.-Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms

Estatua clásica pintada con colores estridentes modernos

Classical myths and the contemporary world (Course only available in Spanish)

You will get to know the most important myths and heroes of Classical Antiquity that have helped shape the culture of the Western world.


Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Toledo, Spain. (Curso solo disponible en inglés)

Explore the medieval city of Toledo (Spain) and assess its history of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious and cultural coexistence.

Mano sujetando un movil y paisaje urbano.

Mobile communications: on the palm of your hand (Course available in Spanish and Portuguese) 

Most of the people that surround us use mobile phones, but how many of them do really know how mobile communication systems work?


Satelite espacial y meteorito.

The Conquest of Space: Space Exploration and Rocket Science (Curso solo disponible en inglés)   

Explore the history of space travel and learn the basics of aerospace engineering.

Siluetas de edificios emulando un entorno digital

The Software Architect Code: Building the Digital World (Curso solo disponible en inglés)   

An introductory course aimed at helping you to discover and develop your software talents to succeed within the digital world.

The Value of Knowledge in Democratic and Knowledge Societies (Course in Spanish)

This course studies the contrast between the increasing dependence from expert knowledge and the needs of a more participative democracy.

The Empty Library. The Transition from Written Culture to Digital Culture (Course in Spanish)

An analysis of the features of digital culture and their impact on the values and practies of written culture.