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AI Tools

In this section, we offer a set of recommended Generative AI tools whose use can enhance our teaching. However, we remark that currently the University cannot offer any license for them, so we clarify whether they are available and/or free.

Please, be mindful that the tools shown here are not specific to uc3m, but general ones. Therefore, it is crucial to remember that they should be used with caution. You should never send or introduce any personal data, nor -according to European Union regulations- use them to detect behaviors or infer emotions (stress, detachment, exhaustion, frustration) of the students during the evaluation process. Then, most of the cases where AI systems are going to be applied for assessment purposes will likely be considered as high risk systems, requiring special caution and additional obligations. However, you can use them without restriction as an aid in case of exam preparation or in other of your non-assessment teaching environments. These tools are trained by interaction with the users, so you cannot guarantee the privacy of the data used, and eventually you may lose track of the information that you upload, as since that moment it becomes part of the tool's knowledge. The uc3m cannot guarantee, and is not responsible for, that these tools are designed and operate in full compliance with applicable rules and regulations, so their use must be especially cautious to minimize risks.


  • ChatGPT: Chatbot. Free ChatGPT 3.5 and paid ChatGPT 4
  • Gemini: Google Chatbot incorporating Gemini, a Google AI factual language model trained on a massive dataset of text and code. Free of charge.
  • Microsoft Copilot: Chatbot Assistant with GPT-4 technology. Free but requires an active Microsoft account.
  • Chatpdf: You upload a PDF, and answer your questions about this file by searching for the answers in it. Free: 120 pages/PDF, 10 MB/PDF limit, 2 PDFs per day, and 20 questions per day. A premium plan is available for a fee.
  • DeepL Translate Translates text in 31 languages. Good use of idioms, expressions, etc, of each language. Free of charge. Paid premium options.
  • Llama-2: Meta's proprietary open source language model. Capable of generating high quality text in a wide variety of styles and formats. Can also serve as a virtual assistant. Free of charge.


  • Speechify: Text to audio converter. Free, offers different voices and languages. Paid premium options.
  • Speech notes: Professional text editor with speech recognition. Converts speech to text. Free of charge.
  • Tactiq (pluging) Makes audio-to-text transcriptions. Available in Spanish. Can be used in Google meet, Zoom and MS Teams. Free of charge.
  • AudioCraft: Open source language model that generates audio content based on a prompt. Free of charge.


  • Ideogram: Create images from a prompt. Diversity of styles. Free
  • Adobe Firefly: Professional tool. Adobe Creative Cloud product that with AI offers image editing possibilities from text to image, effects, colours, templates, etc. Free or premium plan (credit limit).
  • Bing Imgage Creator: AI image generator with DALL-E 3. Free but requires an active Microsoft account.
  • Stable Diffusion: High quality image generator. Simple interface that allows you to create images from prompts or a previous image. Free with limitations and premium paid plans.


  • Heygen: Video generator that offers many possibilities of work converting text into audio in different languages, voices, pronunciation, you can also use standard avatars or customise your own. Free (30 sec video). Paid premium options.
  • Colossyan: Video generator also offering the possibility to convert text to audio, different languages, voices, avatars. It offers different templates to make videos in presentations. Offers 14 days free with 5 minutes of videos and then payment plans.
  • Filmora: Complete video editor with AI functionalities. Requires local installation. Free with premium features.
  • Make a video:Image generator from text. Open source. Free


  • Gamma: Generates presentations, documents and simple web pages. Free with limitations. Paid premium plans.
  • Tome: Create presentations from a prompt or turn text into presentations with AI image generation. Free with paid premium plans.


  • Class Point AI: Generates questionnaires of different modalities (word clouds, multiple choice, open-ended...) from Power Point slides (questions based on Bloom's taxonomy available in different languages). Free, with premium plans.
  • Wisdolia: Generates flashcards with questions from a video, article or pdf and gives you feedback. Free, with premium payment plans.
  • Formative AI: Generation of evaluations (various types) with real-time feedback. Free of charge.
  • Conker: Specialises in creating quizzes based on a theme or topic you set. Free, with premium plans.
  • MagicSchool: Specialised teaching tool. It offers 50 tools to perform different tasks, from lesson plans, exams, specialised educational programmes. At all levels. It has a chatbot specialised in teaching for help. Free for teachers.
  • Elicit: Research assistant, search for academic papers. You can also upload pdfs and add concepts to search articles. Free with limited credits, paid premium plan available.
  • Research Rabbit: Online platform to search for articles in academic journals. Search by subject or author. Free


  • Github Copilot: Code (programming). Transforms natural language prompts into coding suggestions in different languages. Real-time collaboration between programmers. Free for academic environment and with Premium plans.
  • Rows: Data Analysis. AI for spreadsheets. Allows you to query data, analyse it, create summaries and generate reports. Compatible with Excel to work with existing spreadsheets, create charts, custom visualisations, analyse data in real time, etc. Free with limitations and premium plans depending on available integrations and features.
  • Industrial design. Vizcom is dedicated to responsible IA practices in industrial design, excelling in security, data protection and intellectual property. Robust and proactive security. Advanced data protection. Focus on customer privacy. Respect for design intellectual property. Responsible AI development. Risk assessment and mitigation. The free licence has IP and number of renders limitations.
  • Assistant AI: Code (programming). AI Assistant for "Sublime Editor" (text editor for writing code in almost any file format). Free
  • Spellbox: Code (programming). Generates code in a simple way from an entered instruction or description. Explains the code. Free of charge.
  • Codesnippes: Generate, analyse, optimise and debug code in multiple languages. Option to access models with GPT-4 engine. Free with limitations and premium options.
  • Alphacode: Code (programming). Generates code solutions in Python, C++. Performs intelligent filtering after large-scale code generation. Transformer-based language model. Designed and trained specifically for competitive programming. Free of charge.
  • Flux:  Tool for the design of PCB circuits. It has an AI-powered design assistant that helps in the creation of connections, suggests components and facilitates the design of schematics. Allows collaborative work. Free, with paid premium plans.

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