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International Happyness Day

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What is International Happiness Day?

Since 2013, the United Nations have celebrated International Happiness Day in recognition of the important role that happiness plays in the lives of people all around the world. In 2015, the United Nations launched the 17 Objectives of Sustainable Development that intend to bring an end to poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet, three fundamental aspects that contribute to guaranteeing well-being and happiness. Last year, the United Nations invited people of all ages, including schools, businesses and governments, to celebrate International Happiness Day and reach these goals.


  • Report on world happiness


The report, available in English, is a survey on the state of world happiness. It ranks 156 countries on their happiness level, and ranks 177 countries on the happiness of their immigrants.

Link to the report



Happiness on campus

On 20th March we can celebrate being happy from the university, but of course we should try to make this our intention for all 365 days of the year. Smiling and living happily is in our hands, we should be excited for new projects and search for happiness. There are many paths we can take to try to be happy and make other people happy that we share our time with, and without stepping off campus.

It is scientifically proven that happiness can’t be attained through money or success. We find happiness in the small things, in the everyday, in being able to enjoy the present without living with the weight of the past or the uncertainty of the future.


Without leaving the campus, we can:

  • Enjoy a coffee and a chat with friends from class
  • Discover in amazement that the plum trees have flowered
  • Listen to the birds singing after an endless number of rainy days
  • Practice mindfulness, sign up to a workshop for this activity that promotes full attention in the present.
  • Find solutions for overcoming fears, obsessions, anxieties and insecurities by attending Personal Improvement Program courses.
  • Run, play sports, go to the spa, dance, do Pilates, yoga, Tai chi...
  • Smile, laugh, something so simple that changes us from inside and transforms us.
  • Visit the library and make time to read something that we have been wanting to read for a while
  • Look for a student society that has similar objectives to our own, with which to share concerns and challenges
  • Carry out both small and large tasks with enthusiasm
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

With these suggestions we can make our university life healthier.