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UC3M - Double Master's Degree in Intellectual Property and Legal Practice and Representation (March Ed.)

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  • UC3M - Double Master's Degree in Intellectual Property and Legal Practice and Representation (March Ed.)

Graduate School of Law

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LEGAL PRACTICE: Prof. Juan Zornoza Pérez, / INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Prof. Carlos Fernando Bondía Román
Deputy Direction
LEGAL PRACTICE: Prof. Tatiana Arroyo Vendrell, Prof. Violeta Ruiz Almendral, / INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Prof. Carmen Crespo Mora
Madrid - Puerta de Toledo

 Opening April 15, 2024* 

*Date pending approval

International Law, Ecclesiastical Law and Philosophy of Law Department, Criminal Law, Procedural Law and History Law Department, Public State Law Department, Private Law Department, Social and Private International Law Department


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    The syllabus for this Double Master's degree is structured around three teaching terms and a compulsory work placement for which students will obtain 48 ECTS of the University Master's degree in Intellectual Property and 75 ECTS corresponding to the University master's degree in Legal Practice and Representation.

    The 123 total credits on the dual syllabus are broken down as follows:

    • In the first term, compulsory subjects on the Intellectual Property course corresponding to the main part of this degree (30 ECTS in total, in afternoon classes).
    • In the second term some compulsory subjects will be studied, completing the technical training in Legal Practices and Professional Activity of the Master's degree in Legal Practice and Representation (30 ECTS in total in morning classes) and a second phase of the Intellectual Property specialization (12 ECTS in total taught in the afternoons).
    • In the third term, one compulsory subject on the Legal Practice and Representation course corresponding to the main part of this degree (9 ECTS in morning classes) and the final dissertation for the Intelectuall Property master's degree.
    • The fourth and final term is dedicated to the guided external work placement designed for students to acquire the skills and abilities needed to exercise the profession of law and completing the final dissertations for the Legal Practice and Representation master's degrees.

    27 of your ECTS credits will be recognized and at the end of the course you will have obtained two official Master's qualifications.

    Classes for the specialization Master's program begin in September and classes for the Master's program in Legal Practice and Representation begin in March.

    Year 2 - Semester 3

    Legal Practice and Representation
    Professional: organization, legal status and ethical9CSpanish
    Intellectual Property
    Master's Thesis6C

    Year 2 - Semester 4

    Legal Practice and Representation
    Master's Thesis6C

    C | Compulsory: 81 ECTS

    Interships: 30 ECTS

    Master's Thesis Law Practice: 6 ECTS

    Master's Thesis Intellectual Property: 6 ECTS



      The request is made electronically through our application. Before starting the admission process, please, read the following information:


      Check the requirements of the Master in Legal Practice and Representation.

      Check the requirements of the Master in Intellectual Property.


      Admission criteria

      Check the admission criteria of the Master in Legal Practice and Representation.

      Check the admission criteria of the Master in Intellectual Property.

      Language requirements

      Check the general language requirements required to study a Master’s at UC3M, depending on whether it is in Spanish, English or bilingual.

      STUDENTS with foreign university degrees

      Check the requirements of the Master in Legal Practice and Representation for students with foreign university degrees.

      Check the requirements of the Master in Intellectual Property for students with foreign university degrees.


      To be admitted to the Doble Master Degree you have to be admitted by the Academic Committee of the Master in Legal Practice and Representation. If your application for admission to the Double Master Degree is Not Accepted, you can still apply for admission to the Master in Intellectual Property if you want.

      On the other hand, the admission to the Master in Intellectual Property doesn’t imply the admission to the Master in Legal Practice and Representation.

      In any case, the resolution will be communicated to the applicant.



      Reservation feeLegal Practice and Representation €450
      Reservation fee​Intellectual Property €800
      Price EU students €73.46 / ECTS
      Price Non EU students €263.10 / ECTS
      Credits enrolling2 123 ECTS

      Reservation fee will be paid once the student receives notification of admission to the master’s, and deducted from the first tuition payment​. The reservation fee will only be refunded if the master program is cancelled.

      2 Admission and registration on the double master's degree course will provide exemption from ECTS credits which will be validated according to the curriculum (see Program). Having obtained credits from both syllabuses, together with validation of 27 ECTS you will be able to obtain two official master's qualifications in little more than a year and a half. This exemption from payment of fees for validating ECTS credits shall only be applicable to students registered on the Dual Master's degree from the start.

      ✎│Tuition fees

      NOTE: the indicated public prices do not include in any case, neither the ECTS corresponding to the Formative Complements that the student must take (only master's degrees with previous Formative Complements), nor the cost of issuing the master’s degree certificate.


      ☛ Once you submit the application for admission, you will have to wait for the official acceptance in the Master program, before starting the enrollment process.

      ☛ You must perform 2 enrollments, one for each degree, within the deadlines published for that purpose on the website.

      ☛ Registration implies effective entry to the master's course as a student.

      Additional information

      • You may enrol on the master’s degree after completing the admission process and receiving formal confirmation of your acceptance.
      • When performing the enrolment you can choose between Full-time enrolment or Part-time enrolment.
      • The email address provided upon enrolment will be used for formal communications; students are therefore kindly requested to check their mail regularly.
      • Pursuant to the regulations of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, a student failing to pay any part of the fees will not be admitted and the enrolment process will be terminated. In cases of cancellation of enrolment due to non-payment, the University may demand the payment of the pending amounts for enrolment in previous academic courses as a prior condition of enrolment.
        No diploma or certificate will be issued if a student has any outstanding payments.

      ✎│Enrolment master’s programmes

      ✎│ECTS credits recognition


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