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Exchange Students Admission

chico estudiante

Once you have been nominated by your home university as an exchange student and accepted at Carlos III, you will receive an e-mail from the International Office with further information on how to proceed before your arrival. Please bear in mind that that email will not be sent immediately.

If you are a second semester student, we will contact you in November.

Please note that it is not required to complete an online application form.

  • Acceptance Letter

    You will receive an Acceptance Letter by the following dates:

    • Fall semester/Full year students: Before 1st June 2020
    • Spring semester students: Before 30th November 2020


    Extending your stay

    The duration of your stay is specified in your admission letter. If you wish to extend your study period please check this information



    Immigration and Visa


    If you are a NON EUROPEAN citizen, you will have to use this acceptance letter to apply for your student visa as proof that you will be attending UC3M (for more information about this procedure check Immigration Procedures).

  • Admission documents
    • Erasmus+

      If you are a student from an European University and you have already received your admission letter, please upload the following 3 documents:

      • Copy of your ID card or Passport (PDF or JPG)
      • Declaration of Responsibility for owning a European Health Insurance Card (or any private health insurance with international coverage). With your Health Insurance Card you'll have medical coverage in all public medical centers and hospitals. Please note that repatriation is not covered (PDF or JPG).
      • The Learning Agreement is an official document provided by your home University that has three sections, Before, During, and After the mobility. Especially at this stage it is just a proposal of courses you would like to take, for both Universities to review and approve. The International Office will check your Learning Agreement "Before the Mobility" (only if required by your home university), sign it,and will send it back by e-mail. It should be fully completed (course title, code and ECTS credits) in order to be signed. Please, take into account that the L.A. must be a Word (.doc) or a PDF document. 
      • Photo to get your student profile as well as your virtual TUI (International Identification Card) 


      • Before 30 July 2020: Fall Semester or Full Year students.
      • Before 11 December 2020: Spring Semester students.

      Documents sent by e-mail will not be accepted.

    • Non European Universities

      If you are a student from a Non European University, please upload the following documents:

      Before 30 July 2020: Fall Semester or Full Year students.
      Before 11 December 2020: Spring Semester students.
      Documents sent by e-mail will not be accepted.

    • Submission

      1. Please upload the Admission Documents (Passport, Declaration of Responsability and Learning Agreement if needed) to the online application. You must upload one document each time that you log in in the form. For your passport/ID, please upload both sides of your document in one pdf file (not one pdf per side):

      Getafe Campus: online application.

      Leganés Campus (Engineering): online application.

      2. Photo must be sent neccesarily through next link:

      Documents by email will not be accepted.

  • TUI card

    The virtual Intelligent University Card (TUI) will be your identification as a student at UC3M during your stay.

    To get it you have to do next steps


    1. Activate your UC3M Student Account, in case you haven't yet

    Once you have been nominated by your home university, you will receive an e-mail with your UC3M username (NIA) and your temporary password (a 4-digit number).

    You must change your 4-digit temporary password and set a new one in order to activate your UC3M account and be able to access UC3M services. Activate your account here.


    2. Upload your picture

    To correctly activate your TUI, you need to upload a picture, ideally a passport size photo (the kind of photograph that is required for issuing personal ID documents and passports, that clearly shows your face and has a plain background).

    This picture will appear in your Aula Global and other services at UC3M.

    1. Go to this website 

    2. Log in with your UC3M student number (100xxxxxx) and personal password.

    3. You have two options if you click on the button “Cambia tu foto/Change your photo”:

    • If you are using a computer, you can upload a picture from your drive. It should be a passport size photo, clearly showing your face and in front of a plain background.
    •  If you are using your smartphone, you can take a picture right then and upload it. Please mind the recommendations, try to find a plain background and avoid hats, sunglasses, scarves, etc.

    Please, do not forget to log out after using this app!.


    3. Download the UC3M phone App.

    • The App is free and it is available in this website. Scan the appropriate QR code (left for iPhone/right for Android).
    • Open the downloaded file and install the App.
    You will see the following information; click on “Acceder”.
    acceso a la app TUI movil
    Introduce your UC3M number (for example 100xxxxxx) and personal password to log in. This will take you to the private area of the App.
    acceso a la app TUI movil
    From the private area, you will have access to several UC3M services, which will allow you to see your timetables (after registration), grades, and more useful information and services provided by UC3M. Click on the highlighted button to view your TUI card and check that everything is correct.
    acceso a la app TUI movil
    You can use this digital card to access UC3M Libraries and other services
    acceso a la app TUI movil
  • Health Insurance

    We highly recommend that you buy an International Health Insurance policy that covers at least repatriation, medical expenses and sanitary transfer of the Policyholder due to sickness or accident.

    - UC3M has an agreement with a private company, OnCampus, which offers coverage for our international students. Only one payment at a very economic price.

    OnCampus Estudia Coverage summary

    - If you already have an international insurance policy and you are interested in a Health Insurance Policy, without health questionnaire, without waiting periods and without copayment and access to 39,400 physicians and more than 1,700 hospitals and medical centers throughout Spain, you could buy OnCampus HealthCare Policiy:

    OnCampus HealthCare Guide

    OnCampus HealthCare Summary

    If you are interested, please contact the company directly through their website:

    Website and Registration

  • Disability Service

    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid provides its students with a Disability Service.

    If you need support or any kind of accommodation during your stay at our university, please apply for it on the following website before arriving at UC3M.


    Please complete the online form in advance so that we can provide you with the support you may need.