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Imagen Icono app UC3M-TUI

The “UC3M TUI” app is a free smartphone application designed to help the members of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid locate the most sought-after services, whether personalized or shared, available to them.

In order to identify yourself as a UC3M member, link your “tarjeta universitaria inteligente” (TUI – university smart card) to the app as soon as the application opens. Then just follow these simple steps: 

1. Download and install the “UC3M TUI” App from the GOOGLE Play Store or from the APPLE App Store.

2. Open  and click on “read code” (“leer código”).

3. Scan the bar code on the back of your smart card.

4. Identify yourself with the corporate account UC3M password to access all of the services. 


With your card linked to the application, you will have easy, convenient and secure access to a variety of personalized services just by using your smartphone. In addition, you will be able to find information to make all of your academic and administrative tasks at the University easier and faster, besides, you can be notified of  incidents and notifications in real time.

Using your mobile phone, through a secure access, you get access to your virtual card (which you will be able to use even if you don’t have your physical card).  And, depending on the group you belong to, you have different menu options available.

There are general menu options for all groups: "Notifications", "Did you know...", "My card", "UC3M news", "Institutional duary", "Directory", "Library search engine", "Discounts", "Universitary life" and "Interest points".

The STUDENTS group can also access: "Global classroom", "Reservation library room", "Event schedules", "Average grade", "APP of Califications".

The PDI group can also access: "Global classroom", "Reservations room", "Classroom incidences", "My teaching calendar", " Information about research assessment-sexenios".

The PAS group can also access: "Reservations room", "Time stamps", "Information on leaves and absences".

The “UC3M TUI” app is the best addition to your smart card. Together they offer you the most efficient, economical and versatile way to access personalized and up-to-date university information.  Right there in your pocket.  

If you need more information download octavilla UC3M-TUI.

Download the APP

                                                         App for ios                                                        App for Android

Códigos QR para descargar UC3M-TUI en tus dispositivos

Main features and menu options of the application

Pantalla de inicio en la app UC3M-TUI

Once the app is installed, press the “READ CODE” button to read the card bar code.
Scan the bar code located on the back of your smart card to link the app to the USM.
Click on the “Access” link to access the menu options for the private section. This access is gained through the university’s secure log-in with the password of the UC3M corporate account. You only need to do it the first time that you link the card to the app, and you will have all the menu options, public and private, available for your group.


Pantalla de avisos UC3M en la app UC3M-TUI

Through this option, USM users will automatically receive notices about university events on their mobile phone. They will receive information about scheduled or unscheduled events.

If there isn't notifications, they will see the section "Did you know ..."

Did you know ...

Pantalla de Sabias que en la app UC3M-TUI

In this section you will see useful information for the entire university community. By sliding the screen to the left you will see the following useful information.

My card

Tarjeta UC3M-TUI

Access your virtual TUI (USM) with the data from your physical card and bar code for library access.

UC3M news

Pantalla de noticias UC3M en la app UC3M-TUI

Access the most important information about the university.

Institutional agenda

Pantalla de agenda institucional en la app UC3M-TUI

Learn about the daily activities geared to the University Community.


Pantalla de directorio en la app UC3M-TUI

You can find any employed worker, a member of the Administration and Services Staff (PAS) or Teaching and Research Staff (PDI), based on any piece of information. You will receive information about their name, e-mail addresses, offices with the corresponding telephone number and the official post that they hold in that case. You can also download this information on vCard or find their location with Google Maps.

Library search engine

Pantalla de buscador de biblioteca en la app UC3M-TUI

Locate the bibliography you are interested in among the collections of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Library, in either electronic or print format.


Pantalla de descuentos en la app UC3M-TUI

Enjoy attractive offers on products and services for the University Community.

Points of interest

Pantalla de puntos de interés en la app UC3M-TUI

Locate the most important places at the University and you will be able to see how to get to them.

University life

Vida Universitaria

You can register in a comfortable and fast way in sports, cultural activities, orientation and in all kinds of participatory activities such as the Thematic Weeks.

You can also access the Fitness My Vitale App, a personalized training program aimed at users of the Individual Fitness Program of the University.

Get the most out of your university life from your APP UC3M-TUI.

Aula Global

Pantalla de aula global en la app UC3M-TUI

Access the virtual support platform of UC3M for both in-person and blended studies. You can generate and manage learning materials. You can keep track of the learning process, do tests, participate in forums, etc.

Library study room reservartion

Pantalla de reserva de salas de la biblioteca en la app UC3M-TUI

You can reserve library study rooms to work in groups.

Student: My schedule

Pantalla de mis horarios en la app UC3M-TUI

Access your class times.

Grade average

Pantalla de nota media en la app UC3M-TUI

View your academic transcript grades average.

Grades APP

Pantalla de calificaciones en la app UC3M-TUI

You can check your grades.

My reservations of meeting rooms

Pantalla de reserva de salas de reuniones en la app UC3M-TUI

Check the reservations for your meeting rooms as a member of the Administration and Services Staff.

Incidents in classrooms

Pantalla de incidencias con las salas en la app UC3M-TUI

Communicate technical problems in the classroom.  You can quickly and easily send notices about problems that can occur with the computer and audiovisual equipment in the classroom.

My teaching calendar

Pantalla de calendario docente en la app UC3M-TUI

Check the calendar as a member of the Teaching and Research Staff.

Six-year terms

Pantalla de consulta de sexenios en la app UC3M-TUI

Learn about the six-year terms assigned in your professional career as a member of the Teaching and Research Staff.

Timetable Scheduling

Pantalla de marcajes en la app UC3M-TUI

Access the timetable scheduling application as a member of the Administration and Services Staff.

Leaves and absences

Pantalla de permisos y ausencias en la app UC3M-TUI

Consult leaves and absences available in the calendar year as a member of the Administration and Services Staff.