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curso 2019/20

Call for MNE students 2021/22

Until October 18. Check the virtual talks.



Frequently Asked Questions for students and staff mobility program

UC3M en la Alianza YUFE

YUFE The Young Universities for the Future of Europe Alliance

Consult the first Online Course Catalog of Academic and Language Introduction Assignment by application order from July 29, 2020.

Convocatorias SERIC en curso

On request

◘ NEW CALL !! Non-European Mobility 2021/21 published in the virtual secretariat of students. 1,000 places are offered in 145 Universities in 29 countries and 4 continents.

  • The deadline to request, up to 8 options, and to upload the certificates to the platform of the Language Center, ends on October 18.

This year the following funding is available: 110 grants from UC3M of between 1,000 and 5,000 euros. 19 grants of 7,000 euros from the Carlos III Foundation and the Ramón Areces Foundation for students who obtain a place in Universities in the United States 10 grants of 3,000 euros from the Santander Universities program for students who obtain a place in Latin American Universities. A pending number of grants from the E + KA107 program for students who obtain a place in specific Universities in Australia, Canada, Korea, the United States and Singapore.

  • If you have questions, you can send an e-mail ( or request an appointment through Google Meet ((

◘ Uk Zukunftskolleg Institute (University of Konstanz). October 15, 2020.

  • 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowships are for all those in the early stage of their career who plan to develop and implement an independent research project. And two additional scholarships funded for studies of collective behavior and for projects investigating the political causes and consequences of inequality.
  • 5-year Research Fellowships aiming for a career in academia.

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UC3M COVID-19    ◘  A safe return

Prevention and adaptation to the new incoming teaching model.

◘ Do you Know the European Universities  iniciative of de EU?

◘ New UE EUROPAS job and training portal. Create your CV to make clear your skills and qualifications in Europe.

◘ HUMANE-EAB. Experts panel. From crisis to strategy: digital transformation or digital delusion? Wednesday September 30th 14.00–15.00 CEST.

◘ YERUN NOVA Lisboa: Like, share and subscribe: Youtube, music and cyberculture before and after the new decade - 1-3 October

◘ HUMANE. Diversity and Inclusion: fostering institutional happiness and preventing harassment .Thursday October 8th 13.30-18.00 and Friday October 9th 10.00-13.50 CEST. Register.

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Networks in which we actively participate:

Young Universities for the Future of Europe

CRUE Spanish Universities

Alliance 4 Universities

Young European Research Universities


Movilidad no Europea