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Construction of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratories


Action: Construction of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratories

Area: Scientific improvement

Action: Construction of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratories

Objetives: To construct laboratories to carry out Biomedical Engineering instruction and research 

This action aims to contribute to the fourth objective of Campus Carlos III which is Increasing the research capacity of the University as a whole, supporting the strategic lines.

Puesto de laboratorio de Bioingeniería

The total surface of the new laboratories is 596.30 m², distributed as follows: 6 laboratories, a microscope room, a preparation room, a technical room, a storage room, and a service gallery. The infrastructure, in accordance with the area which will be developed, also has de-ionized water systems, gas outlets, gas detection systems, compressed air and vacuum systems, as well as the appropriate furnishings and structures (work benches, sinks, shelves, etc.) for purposes of instruction. For its technical facilities, state of the art material was acquired.

Only spaces exclusively for teaching activity in academic year 2010-2011 were equipped, as indicated in the following, leaving the remaining rooms prepared for future funding: 

  • Tissue Engineering laboratory. A laboratory was created equipped with biological containment, P2 security level. It has 5 laminar flow booths, 2 cell incubators, 2 combis of 4/-20ºC, a de-ionized water system, 4 inverted microscopes, a large centrifuge and vortex shakers.
Puesto de laboratorio de Bioingeniería
  • Microscope Room. This room is equipped with 2 optic microscopes with 4 binocular heads, 2 conventional fluorescence microscopes, 2 fluorescence/inverted phase microscopes, and 4 microscope imaging and processing systems.
  • Bimolecular Laboratory. The list of laboratory equipment is extensive, but we should highlight: gas cabinets, de-ionized water system, refrigerated table top centrifuge, inverted microscopes, agarose gel electrophoresis equipment, hot plates and shakers, spectrophotometers, hybridization oven, thermocyclers, thermostatic baths and vortex shakers.
  • Preparation room: This room is equipped with an autoclave, an ultrapure water system, an Elisa reader, thermal disinfector, ice machine, precision scale, photo documentation-electrophoresis system, microwave, combis of 4/-20ºC, bacteria incubator, pH-meter, UV transilluminators, and security cabinets for chemical products.
  • Biology storage room: This room has 2 ultra low freezers at -80ºC and an animal rack with ventilation systems to protect the operator and animal. There are filters for the ventilation system and a capacity for 64 animals.

Construction was awarded on June 28, 2008 to ECO-FRED RUBÍ, S.L. Work began on October 5, 2010 and was received on February 1, 2011. In the second term of academic year 2010-2011 students began to use the new spaces in their first lab practicums. Expansion of these laboratories is foreseen for academic year 2011-2012.

*Esta infraestructura ha sido financiada parcial/totalmente con fondos de ayuda del programa Innocampus, CEI10-1-0013.

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