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Career opportunities

Marketing is an exciting and ever changing arena. You will have expert knowledge and skills in both marketing management and market research, opening up a wide range of excellent career opportunities. You can pursue careers on the business side of marketing planning (such as Account Management, Account Planners, and Media Planner); or focus on a brand or a family of brands (such as Brand Manager, Product Manager, Product Development Manager, Brand Community Manager); or researching the market prospects (such as Market Research Director, Market Research Manager, Market Analyst); among others. Also, our graduates can choose a career beyond marketing, for example in consulting or general management. In addition, the Master in Marketing program provides an excellent basis to become a PhD student in other management programs and to work in the academia (see Business and Finance).

As a master's student you can take advantage of our UC3M Career service (Spanish version), where you can search for internship and full-time job offers. Register/log in under the alumni section.The internship helps develop connections and expertise that are crucial during the career search. The School’s network is an integral part of this process, as there is on-campus recruiting. Forempleo

Master in Marketing graduates have been quite successful finding interships. The track record for internships is strong: nearly 70% students found internships before March/April of the academic year. It is expected that many internships result in full-time job offers. However, a satisfactory knowledge of Spanish language is often required. After a year of study in Spain, you would have strengthened your knowledge of Spanish by attending courses at the Language Center, and developing skills for international trade in Latin-America countries. (There are approximately 407 million people speaking Spanish as a native language, making it the second-most-spoken language by number of native speakers after Mandarin).

You also can exploit the advantages of the Alumni network association.


Internship Complement

The Internship Complement Program allows graduate students to work in the company in which they have interned or are still interning for an extended period after finishing their master’s (up to 12 months after graduation).

Interested students must request admission to the Internship Extension to the Master’s direction.