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Who we are

Imagen del edificio nueve del Campus de Getafe de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The Language Centre’s objective is to provide quality training in foreign languages and Spanish to contribute to the internationalization of the University and its environment.

  • What do we do?
    • The courses offered are ‘face-to-face’ in different foreign languages and Spanish for foreign students. They are all based on the guidelines set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and are taught by specialised teachers with an extensive experience in teaching each language.
    • Complementary activities and workshops take place in the Language Rooms to help students in the study of the languages.
    • New courses have been designed and launched in ‘blended learning ´ format (a mix of face-to-face and online learning) to open up new opportunities in the learning process brought about by the latest technologies.
    • Language tests: official exams as well as non-official tests help students with their university career (for credits, bilingual studies, European and non-European mobility schemes, etc.)
  • Where are we?

    Coordination area

    Language center coordination

    Concepción de Asís Roig


    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 93 40

    Office: 9.0.29


    Coordination by language




    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 86 22

    Office: 9.0.30



    Alicia Pascual Miguelañez


    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 86 26

    Office: 9.0.28

    Administrative area

    Languages in the university degrees and languages tests

    English Official Examinations and courses

    Maite Delgado Baño
    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 84 96
    Office: 9.0.30

    Spanish courses

    Elena Jiménez Pérez
    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 86 25
    Office: 9.0.30

    Spanish Official Examinations
    Other languages and certificates

    Nuria González Rodríguez
    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 86 22
    Office: 9.0.30

    Information area


    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 86 22

    Office:  9.0.30

    Puerta de Toledo

    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 86 22

    Office: 1.B.18


    Tel.: (+34) 91 856 13 14

    Office: 1.1.A09


    Tel.: (+34) 91 624 86 22