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Study Abroad C3IS

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Study Abroad C3IS

It is a program that allows international students to study aspects of Spanish culture in both Spanish and English, combining their own subjects with UC3M's undergraduate and humanities courses.

Founded more than 20 years ago to satisfy the academic requirements of some of the best North American universities, such as: Boston College, University of California, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Marist College Madrid, Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Madrid, Washington University and organizations such as CIEE, IES and Accent.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of Hispanic Studies at UC3M

1) Justified absences:

The following reasons will be exclusively considered as justified absences:

  • Illness or medical visit. Requires an official medical certificate or equivalent with the approval of the coordinator.
  • Exams. Absence during exams. Requires only official documentary proof.
  • Unavoidable administrative procedures (obtaining or renewing official documents, appointments at Public Administrations, etc.). Requires an official proof of the appointment.
  • Scheduled study trips. Requires prior communication with the Coordinator of the Hispanic Studies program.

The faculty will monitor class attendance on a daily basis.

From now on, the students themselves will be responsible for sending their absences directly to the professors, as long as they have the approval of their US University program director/coordinator at C3IS. Without the approval of the program director/coordinator, the justification is not valid.

The justification may be sent in writing or by e-mail.

2) Unjustified absences: All absences not included in the previous section are considered unjustified.

  • The first unjustified absence is not counted.
  • Students will have their final grade for the subject reduced by 0.3 points in case of a second unjustified absence.
  • If a third unjustified absence occurs, the reduction in the final grade will be 0.5 points.
  • The fourth unjustified absence of a student in a subject will result in a failing grade, although the student may continue attending classes if desired.

Professors who detect cases of students with three unjustified absences must report it to the Study Abroad C3IS, who will in turn inform the coordinator of the corresponding program.

*Remember that in order to take an undergraduate course in Spanish you must have a minimum level of B2.1 in Spanish (high advanced)].

Clases de Lengua Española

Curriculum Plan | Track in Spanish

Hispanic Studies

Track in Spanish

Curriculum Plan | English Track

Hispanic Studies

International Business Program

International Engineering Program

  • Database Fundamentals
    Mario Perez Enriquez I
    Schedule: Tuesdaysand Thursdays from 17.00 to 19.00
  • Teoría de Autómatas y Lenguajes Formales
    Jose Antonio Iglesias  |
    Diego Ruano |
    Schedule: Mondays from 13:00 to 15:00 and Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00

Academic Information

UC3M Undergraduate Courses

Link here
Requirement: To enroll in a degree course in Spanish, you must have a minimum level of B2.1 in Spanish (advanced high)]

Aula Global

Link here

Undergraduate Humanities Courses

Link here

Academic Calendar

Autumn 2023

  • Nominations: Deadline until June 30th.
  • Spanish Class Placement:
  1. Written Exam:
    From the nomination closure (we will confirm) until July 11th.
  2. Oral Exams:
    Once the written test is completed, students enrolled in the Spanish track will be scheduled for an online oral proficiency test - Deadline: July 21st.
  • Presential Welcome Day: Thursday, August 31st, at the Padre Soler Auditorium in Leganés (EPS)
  • Subject Consultation Opening - No vacancies on (to be confirmed), with vacancies on August 25th

Start of registration: Access the enrollment application to find out the day and time you can register for your courses.
Registration Deadline for Hispanic Studies: September 8th at 2:00 PM
Registration Deadline for Degree Programs: September 11th (exact time to be determined)

  • Start of classes: September 4th, 2023
  • End of classes: December 5th, 2023
  • Exams: December 11th to 14th

Holidays and Non-Teaching Days


  • October 12th
  • November 1st
  • December 6th and 8th

Non-Teaching Days

  • October 13th
  • December 7th

Academic Calendar for Degree Programs


Deadline for Study Abroad C3IS Courses

Friday 08/09/2023 at 02.30 pm is the deadline for students to make their changes in Hispanic Studies courses.

After that time the Study Abroad C3IS administration service will issue a report with the resulting enrollment.
This report will be used to communicate to the program coordinators the courses that remain or disappear from the Hispanic Studies offerings. 

Monday 11/09/2023 at 11.59 pm is the deadline for undergraduate courses and humanities courses. Until that day, students will be free to register and withdraw their enrollment.

I. Activate your Email Account

  1. Get your student number HERE
    e.g., 100123456
    (If you have received an email with the student number, please proceed directly to step 2)
  2. Now, click on THIS LINK
  • User ID: student number
  • Activation Key: your 4-digit code/password
  • Choose a personal password It is important to remember this password as you will need it to access the enrollment application, your email account, the university intranet, and other services.
  1. If you forget your password or need to change it.
  • Try to do it HERE, using recovery methods or digital certificates
  • If you can't, encounter any issues, or have problems: Contact CASO, through

II. Accessing your Email Account

Your email account is associated with Gmail. Go to

  1. Enter your complete email address
    student number followed by
  2. Enter the password you chose.

III. Checking Course Availability

Course Consultation Period 

  • Course consultation opening: No vacancies on July 14, vacancies available on August 25

Access to the enrollment application

IV. Online Enrollment

  • Access the enrollment application to find out the day and time you can register for your courses.
  • Closure of Hispanic Studies enrollment: September 8 at 02.30 pm. 
  • Closure of undergraduate enrollment: September 11 at 11.59 pm.

Website Access


Disability and Specific Needs

If you are a student with a disability or with specific educational support needs, please enroll in our program before the following dates:

  • full course and first term: July 15, 2023
  • and for the second term: December 15, 2023.

*We will not be able to guarantee the full implementation of the necessary support if you apply after the deadline.