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Type of exam

Exchange students take the same exams as regular UC3M students. The type of exam given depends on the professor. If you have any questions regarding your exams, you should speak to your professor at the beginning of the course.

Dates and schedule:

At the beginning of the course you can check dates and times of exams here

Rules in case of exams overlapping

UC3M regular examinations and exam resits are on-site. Distance exams are not allowed. 

Provisional Marks/Grades

Within the first calendars 10 days following the oficial exam, the professor will publish the provisional results on Campus Global.

Exam Review

Together with exam results you will find the date for exam revision. If you take an exam and disagree with the mark you have received you have the opportunity to discuss this with your professor. You should keep this review date in mind before making travel plans to leave Spain.

Final marks

After the review date the professor will publish the final results on Aula Global.


Any problems related to exams must be addressed to the professor of the subject, with sufficient prior notice. The International Relations Office cannot change exam dates or results.

Retake exams

If you fail a course in December/January (first semester) or in May (second semester) you are entitled to take the retake exam again in June.

The Retake exam does not require prior notification; you may go directly to the place where the exam will be held. The date and the time of the exam will be published on your "información personal" of Aula Global.

Exams (only fall semester): December final exams

UC3M official academic calendar for the First Semester includes the final exams of some courses in December while others in January. 

According to the University regulation, if you are an international incoming student at UC3M for the First semester only, you have the right  to take all your final exams in December.

  • Polytechnic School (EPS): from December 16 to 20, 2024 (inclusive)
  • Faculties: from December 16 to 20, 2024 (inclusive)

Therefore you have to review your course list and confirm the final exam date/time for each one through our Exams Calendar Webpage, where you can find the information for all our Undergraduate Programs (Grados). 

You can also check the exam calendar for just your registered subjects in the following link “Mis exámenes”. You can also click on the Schedule section in the Webpage of each Grado and then, Exams Calendar.

Please, keep in mind the following information: 

  • Some Grado courses will have their final exam for all students during that December period. Hence, all students will take the exam on the same day/time with no possibility of change or modification.
  • If you choose to take the early exams in December, you must contact your teacher to confirm the date, time and classroom of your early exam, since they are not published in the official calendar. This does not apply to EPS subjects, for which you will receive an email with the necessary instructions for taking the advance exams and it will not be necessary to contact the teacher.
  • Please note that those early exams can be changed if you have two or more exams at the same time, but the ones scheduled in December for all students cannot be changed, unless they overlap with another exam also scheduled in December for all students.

Full- academic year exchange students are not eligible to take their exams in advance. Hence, if your exam is scheduled in January, you will not be able to take the exam in December. 

Bear in mind that although First Semester international students are allowed to take their exams in December, the grades will be posted in January, once all the students have taken their First Semester exams. Within the first 10 calendars days following the oficial exam (January official dates), the professor will publish the provisional results on Aula Global. If you do not agree with the grade, please contact your professor.

Extraordinary or Retake Call

The final exam of the extraordinary call in June/July must be carried out face-to-face on the date established in the exams calendar.

You cannot dispense with subjects enrolled in uc3m.