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Course Registration

Matrícula de Asignaturas

Please complete the following mandatory steps to enrroll at UC3M:

1º Check Course Offer and Spots available

2º Check on the Online Registration System the exact date and time when you will be able to register and select your courses.

In addition, if you need to make changes, you will be able to do it the first days of September.

Please check all the information about course registration and its key dates at UC3M below:

  • Course Offer

    You will be able to see the course offer and the spots available for each course through our Online Course Registration System.

    It is compulsory that you do this before proceeding as it is the only way that you will be able to take a look at which courses are and are not available.

    It will also help you check if your UC3M username and password work correctly.

     ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/2023

    1st semester

    Check your courses, timetable, groups, professors.

    From July 26 2022

    Check available spots

     From August 25 2022

    2nd semester

    Check your courses, timetable, groups, professors.

    From December 12, 2022

    Check available spots

    From December 19, 2022

    Please check the lessons and class structure and continuous assessment at UC3M.

    Below you will find a useful form to be filled in with your course selection and weekly timetable, so as to make sure that the courses you registered do not overlap. Note that attendance at Carlos III University is compulsory.

    UC3M Professors are required to offer office hours twice a week. That information is available in Aula Global from the beginning of the semester.

  • Timetables - Schedule

    How to check your schedule

    During the registration period you will be able to check your schedules by logging in to the online registration program. You will only need to look for the courses you are interested in. Please check an example here (How to check your schedule).

    If you have already registered your courses, you will see your schedule on your Aula Global (Información personal > Horarios). Moreover, it will be also available on "Aplicación de horarios". Please be sure that your courses do not overlap.

  • Course Registration

    You must check on the Online Registration System the exact date and time when you will be able to register and select your courses.

    Please read carefully the tutorial below in order to know how to check the exact date and hour: 

    In order to register your courses correctly it is mandatory to read and watch the materials below:

    Your schedule on Aula Global: Please bear in mind that the schedule of your classes will be shown on your Aula Global.

    ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/23 

    1st semester
    Choose your courses From Aug 31st until Sep 13th 2022
    2nd semester
    Choose your courses From Jan 25th until Feb 6th 2023

    As an international student, you don't have to pay fees at UC3M since you will have already paid at your home institution. 

  • Changes

    In case you need to make changes on your course registration after the first week of classes, you will be allowed to change your courses (add, drop or just change groups or courses) through our Online Course Registration System.

    Important: No changes will be accepted after the deadlines! Make sure your classes do not overlap.

    ACADEMIC YEAR 2022/23

    1st semester
    Changes Till September 13 2022
    2nd semester
    Changes Till February 6 2023
  • Orientation

    If you need an academic advisor after registering your courses, please contact at:


  • Learning Agreement

    Only for Erasmus+ students

    If you did not upload your learning agreement BEFORE THE MOBILITY or if you have made changes (DURING), please send them by email to the International Office of your campus from the add/drop period till:

    • Fall semester: October 31
    • Spring semester: March 20

    Both of them (BEFORE and DURING) have to be sent to get them checked and digitally signed.