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Jununthula Narasimha Reddy


Junuthula Narasimha Reddy

Junuthula Narasimha Reddy
Texas A&M University US

Dr. Reddy, the Oscar S Wyatt Endowed Chair Professor, Distinguished Professor, and Regents Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, is a a highly-cited researcher, author of 21 textbooks and over 600 journal papers, and a leader in the applied mechanics field for more than 40 years. Dr. Reddy has been a member of Texas A&M faculty since 1992.

Reddy is known worldwide for his significant contributions to the field of applied mechanics through the authorship of widely used textbooks on the linear and nonlinear finite element analysis, variational methods, composite materials and structures, applied functional analysis, and continuum mechanics. No one since S.P. Timoshenko has the same impact on engineering mechanics education as Reddy through his textbooks that have helped three generations of engineers. His pioneering works on the development of shear deformation theories (that bear his name in the literature as the Reddy third-order plate theory and the Reddy layerwise theory) have had a major impact and have led to new research developments and applications.

In recent years, Reddy's research deals with 7- and 12-parameter shell theories, non-local and non-classical continuum mechanics problems, and problems involving couple stresses (i,e, the development of nonlocal beam and plate theories using the ideas of Eringen, Mindlin, Koiter, and others), surface stress effects, discrete fracture and flow, micropolar cohesive damage, and continuum plasticity of metals from considerations of non-equilibrium thermodynamics - as they appear in blood flow, bones, and materials with hard inclusions and phases.

Professor Reddy is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering (2015), Foreign Fellow of the Candian Academy of Engineering (2017)  and Indian National Academy of Engineering (2015). Recent Honors include: 2016 Prager Medal, Society of Engineering Science, 2016 Thomson Reuters IP and Science’s Web of Science Highly Cited Researchers - Most Influential Minds, and  the 2016 ASME Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the 2017 John von Neumann Medal from the US Association of Computational Mechanics.


Project: Structural theories used to determine their response has been historically based on local elasticity equations. Molecular dynamics and lattice dynamics studies have shown that the stress at a point may depend on strains at the point as well as strain within the vicinity of the point. Recently, the Reddy and his colleagues have developed modified couple stress theories, gradient elasticity theory, and modified couple stress theory to bring out microstructure-dependent size effects. The proposed research has the objective of unifying these ideas and developing structural theories that contain microstructural length scales, and ascertain their influence on bending and vibration characteristic of nanostructures in the form of beams, plates, and shells. These theories will used to develop the governing equations of beams, plates, and shells. The proposed research will also develop finite element models to investigate the influence of various material length scales in structures with hard but small inclusions in soft matrix materials.

Stay period: JAN 15 - JUN 15