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Peter Stamatov


Peter Stamatov

Peter Stamatov
Yale University US

Peter Stamatov (Ph.D. UCLA 2006) is Associate Professor of Sociology at Yale University where he has taught since 2003. He is the author of The Origins of Global Humanitarianism: Religion, Empires and Advocacy (Cambridge University Press). His work has appeared in, among others, The American Sociological Review and Theory and Society.

He is Adelphi Fellow at the internet knowledge platform Big Think (, a past recipient of the Reinhard Bendix Prize of the Comparative Historical Section of the American Sociological Association, and a holder of numerous prestigious fellowships. His recent research has examined the political implications of religion, as well as empires as arenas for political mobilization.


Project: The recent global wave of popular protest has again demonstrated the importance of transnational connections in the popular politics of contention against authorities. Yet such connections were strong and consequential long before our globalized present. Spanish activists, for example, launched in the 1860s a movement for the abolition of slavery in the Spanish colonies in cooperation with abolitionists in Great Britain.
Between these two time points extends a historical period of important developments and transformations in the global field of protest. Focusing on a set of social movements spanning this period (abolitionism, the “free trade” movement, the peace movement, the women’s movement, and the anti-apartheid movement), this research has two goals: first, to reconstruct the social dynamics of popular mobilization in Spain of the nineteenth and twentieth century, while, second, relating these dynamics to the larger comparative context of transnational contentious politics.

Stay period: MAR 2014 - AGO 2014