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"Gregorio Peces-Barba" Institute of Human Rights

Institute Website
"Gregorio Peces-Barba" Institute of Human Rights
Support personnel
Francisco Daniel Sanchez de Blas
+ 34 91 6249834

Type of institute

"Gregorio Peces-Barba" Institute of Human Rights Carlos III University of Madrid was created by Royal Decree 843/1993 of May 28, while since 1990 has been developing activities such as the University Center.


  • Director: María del Carmen Barranco Avilés
  • Sub-director: Javier Dorado Porras
  • Secretary: Patricia Cuenca Gómez


The Institute is made up of a stable research team composed of professors and researchers belonging to Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, from different areas of knowledge, departments and research groups, many of which are part of the Department of International Law, EcclesiasticalLaw and Philosophy of Law. In the teaching field, the Institute regularly offers an Official Graduate Program (awarded honorable mention for quality) and three UC3M accredited degrees (Master’s degree in Human Rights, Certificate of Specialist in Citizenship and Human Rights Education, Master’s degree in Human Rights and Democratization-jointly organized with U. Externado, Colombia). The Institute also offers Seminars and Conferences on a national and international level. Professors from different departments and areas of knowledge collaborate in these teaching activities. The same can be said of their publishing and promotional activities.

A large part of the activities are subsequently published by the Institute, in such the magazines as “Derechos y Libertades” (Rights and Freedoms”, “Universitas”, the “Bartolomé de las Casas” collection and the “Monografías”, (Monographs”) “Debates” and “Traducciones” (“Translations”) collections.
Given the fact that this is a University Institute, the main activity in this center is research. Likewise, in the Institute research work, such as external research projects, our own projects, doctoral theses and research dissertations is carried out. In the research field, the Institute’s main nucleus is made up of the Human Rights, State of Law and Democracy Research Group. Nevertheless, other researchers take part in this group, and there is much research in the group not carried out by the group per se.

The Institute has developed more than 40 research projects related to these subjects and it has many Units and Chairs specializing in Equality and Non-Discrimination, History, Bioethics, Sustainable Development, Terrorism and its victims, among others.


  • To promote the inherent values of Human Rights
  • To create a framework of reflection and debate on Human Rights
  • To develop research in Human Rights
  • To promote scientific work on Human Rights
  • To encourage Human Rights teaching

Lines of research

  •     Theory of Law
  •     Philosophy of Law
  •     Sociology of Law
  •     History and Political Philosophy
  •     Fundamental Rights
  •     Human Rights
  •     Legal Argumentation
  •     Ethics and professional Deontology
  •     Bioethics
  •     Equality and Non-Discrimination
  •     Feminist Theory
  •     Multiculturalism
  •     Constitution Law and International Human Rights Law
  •     Theories of Justice

Contact email: