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The UC3M manufactures protective screens against COVID-19


Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) are using 3D printing systems to manufacture protective screens that can be used to help combat COVID-19 in the Community of Madrid. The printing of the first units is currently under way and they may arrive at health centres in the region in the coming days. 

Impresora 3D utilizada para imprimir pantallas de protección

Researchers from the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation and the Department of Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering of the UC3M are collaborating on this project, in co-ordination with the University’s Technical Office and with the collaboration of the IT Service. They have primarily adapted and calibrated more than twenty 3D printers and collected the necessary materials: PET plastic sheets and PVC for the screens and PLA plastic coils for the visors. After conducting the corresponding tests to test the validity of the components, the 3D printing has already started, and it is estimated that they could produce at least 50 units per day. 

A team of more than ten people are currently working in shifts at the UC3M’s School of Engineering. They are strictly complying with personal isolation requirements and the use of individual protective equipment enforced by health authorities. The supply of materials and distribution of production are primarily being coordinated with services from the Leganes City Council, who is providing support for the collection and transport of materials needed to produce the screens.

The 3D printer model that is currently being used is approved by the Department of Health of the Community of Madrid, according to the subgroup of the Community of Madrid Coronavirus Makers ( Printing models, instructions for calibrating equipment, forms to register units that are being created and distribution groups that have been set up to organise transport can be found on their website.

Furthermore, various companies from the UC3M Science Park are following this line of work in a supplementary way. AEON-T and Luz WaveLabs use 3D printing to supply parts, mainly the protective visors for health care personnel. They manage the distribution of the material they produce through their own channels.