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HR Excellence in Research and the UC3M Strategic Plan

The strategic plan 2016-22

The goals of the UC3M Strategic Plan 2016-22 are in line with the general concepts of the HR Excellence in Research project. This may be seen, for example, in the research strategy and its mention of support for proposals of the European projects and ERC European convocations. It is in harmony with UC3M’s mission to correctly implement the  principles of the C&C, which is a clear contribution to the development of the European employment market and the consolidation of the European Research Area. 

In addition, UC3M membership of the EURAXNESS network, precursor of the project HR Excellence in Research, demonstrates our institutes’ support for researcher mobility. This is directlylinked to the points in the Strategic Plan that mention fostering researchers’ mobility and international research stays and visits.

On the other hand, the creation the ODISEA work group, aimed at designing a development plan for every stage of a researcher’s career, is consistent with the education strategy, which discusses teacher staff training in the development of teaching and research skills.

Some examples of the Strategic Plan 2016-2020, linked to specific actions from the Action Plan of the HR Excellence in Research project, are:




Foster the free publication of journals on open access and in holdings, including the free publication and distribution of research data (E6) Open Access Institutional Policy
Establish support mechanisms for research stays and visits of research staff with spouses and dependents. (W3) Medical insurance cover for stays and vists of teaching and research staff all over the world.
Attract teachers and researchers of excellence to UC3M. (E4, E5, R4 y W1) Reception protocols for international researchers, Development of Employment Website and Development of Career Plan
Creation of research knowledege maps (W2) Researcher’s website: Co-authorship Map



Promote cross-curricular subjects linked to soft skills, skills development and personal improvement and entrepreneurship. (T1)Training plan for teaching and research staff
Train teaching staff to develop these skills. (T1)Training plan for teaching and research staff



Publicize and raise awareness of the general principles and requirements of the Code of Conduct. Apply them in all selection and evaluation processes in order to foster transparency. (E1)Code of Good Practice in Research



Extend the use of English in selection processes in line with the job position profile (R5) Regulation concerning the use of English in processes
Update selection criteria (R1) Updating hiring rules for non-permanent teaching and research staff
Develop a teaching-research career based on the European Framework for Research Careers (W1)Development of career plan
Create a multi-dimensional training plan: Teaching, Research and Management. (T1) Training plan for teaching and research staff
Promote gender equality policies (E8) II UC3M Gender Equality Plan
Code of Good Practice in Research (E1) Code of Good Practice in Research
Logotipo HR Excellence in research

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