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Workshop VI: Internationalising research careers: betting on the future

Workshop VI: Internationalising research careers: betting on the future

Fecha: November 16th 2021          Time: 16.00 - 17.30  h.          Place: Blackboard Platform



    Communication and awareness-raising on issues related to the internationalisation of the careers of teaching and research staff in the current context and the various processes of attracting talent.

    In addition, challenges and opportunities for the future will be discussed, as well as personal experiences of internationalisation and their adaptation to their return to the university.

    Topics to be addressed:

    • Commitment to the internationalisation of the University.
    • Processes for attracting research talent. The case of the ERCs.
    • Challenges and opportunities in internationalisation
    • Difficulties in the return

    Target audience:

    UC3M Faculty

    PhD students


    4.00 p.m. Welcome. Ignacio Aedo, Vice-Rector for Faculty at UC3M.

    4.10 p.m. Interview by Matilde Sánchez Fernández, UC3M Vice Rector for Internationalisation and European University, with Eva-Maria Feichtner, Vice President International and Diversity at the University of Bremen. Topic: Commitment to internationalisation.

    4.25 p.m. Presentation 'Processes for attracting talent in research. The case of the ERCs', by Cristina Velasco, Head of the UC3M Promotion Area - Research Service.

    4.35 p.m. Discussion panel. Theme: 'Economic, academic and vital challenges in internationalisation'.

    Moderator: Rickard Sandell, Director of the Department of Social Sciences at UC3M (5' for presentation).

    Speakers part I: 'OUT. Challenges and opportunities. Funding and opportunities'. (20 minutes)

    • Julio Bravo. Head of the Coordination and Evaluation Branch of the State Research Agency.
    • Clara Eugenia García. Lecturer in the Department of Business Economics.
    • Beatriz Crisóstomo. Head of Global Innovation at Iberdrola and coordinator of the Universities programme.

    Speakers part II: 'IN Challenges. Difficulties for the return. Personal experiences'. (20 minutes)

    • Prof. Fernando Pérez Cruz. Chief Data Scientist at the Swiss Data Science Center.
    • Andrés Marcos. Distinguished Senior Researcher of the Beatriz Galindo Programme. Department of Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering, UC3M.
    • Ricardo Macarrón Larumbe. PhD, vice-president of the Applied Technologies Group of Incyte (United States).

    17.20 h.: Debate with the audience.

    17.30 h.: Closing: Vice-rector of Faculty of UC3M.



    On Tuesday 16 November 2021, the seminar 'Internationalising the research career: betting on the future' took place, the sixth of those organised by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in the framework of the actions to promote and communicate tools and actions linked to the Human Resources Award.

    Matilde Sánchez Fernández interviewed the Vice President for Internationalisation and Diversity of the University of Bremen, Eva-Maria Feichtner. She explained how the University of Bremen started working on the Internationalisation Strategy a decade ago, focusing on cooperation through research networks, attracting international academics, supporting mobility and developing multilingualism. 

    Next, Cristina Velasco, head of UC3M's Promotion-Research Service Area, took the floor and focused her speech on the processes of attracting research talent to the European Research Council (ERC) grants.
    Finally, the round table 'Economic, academic and vital challenges in internationalisation' dealt with the following topics: 

    • 'OUT. Challenges and opportunities. Funding and opportunities'. 
    •  IN Challenges. Difficulties in returning. Personal experiences'.

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