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We want to walk with you in your through your access process to University Carlos III, and facilitate your successful incorporation to the Bachelor’s Classes. That is why we have designed the Cursos Cero for you.

What are the Cursos Cero about? These voluntary workshops are offer before the beginning of your classes’ ant that will help you to reinforce and consolidate knowledge that will be helpful later on during the course of your Bachelor’s studies.

Which subjects are offer? You can find reinforcement of Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing and Math. Therefore, you can enter the Bachelor’s Degree with all the guaranties.

Cursos Cero are volunteer, but very recommendable. Bring yourself to try them!

How and when are performed?

The courses will be developed in two phases:

1. Online sessions from 1 to 27 August 2024:

UC3M has selected videos and exercises and it offers you through a website. These contents cover the basic knowledge of the courses (Physics, Maths and Chemistry). In a pleasant way, you can assess your current knowledge and interact with your classmates. In conclussion, Zero courses prepare you to optimize the September classroom sessions.

To accomplish successfully with the objectives of each course online, it's neccesary an average dedication of 20-25 hours per course in August, depending of the student's previous education.

2. Classroom training from 28 August to 4 September 2024:

It developes in Getafe Campus (Faculty of Social Sciences and Law) or in Leganes Campus, depending on the course that you have chosen.

In these sessions you can interact with some of teachers of your degree. You can answer the questions and do exercises, allowing you to consolidate the concepts and that will help you progress more easily in your graduate studies.

How will I be evaluated?

The assessment is continuous (class attendance, performance of works and exercises,...) and you can receive a certificate of Vicepresident for Degrees if you have made your enrollment in a UC3M degree.

Failure to pass the Zero courses will not have any effect. The Zero courses cannot transfer of credits with corresponding credits of Degree studies plan (humanities, electives,...).


Teaching of zero courses is provided only in Spanish.

The Zero courses are used for certifify that you have the necessary konwledge in Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing or Maths to study the degree with guarantees. The courses are voluntary but are highly recommended to help you to start succesfully the university life.

All first-year students who enter in the admission of July can join to any of this courses.

You can apply for the courses that you consider appropiate. However each course is particularly focused in a degree.