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Academic Discipline

Foto comportamiento en las aulas  para Guia buenas practicas

In addition to the faults and penalties included in the Decree of Academic Discipline of September 8, 1954, the following are established:

triangulo amarillo para faltas leves disciplinarias

Slight offenses

  • Copy of another student's exam with or without consent.
  • Copy using unauthorized material.
  • Provide another student with the unauthorized material referred to in the previous point.
  • Plagiarize an academic work presented for continuous assessment.
  • Keep connected electronic devices during the exams, whatever their use, unless expressly authorized by the teacher responsible.


  • Loss of that course during the academic year in which the offense was committed.
  • Public warning.
  • Activities to benefit of the University community to improve the student's education.

triangulo naranja para faltas menos graves disciplinarias

Less serious offenses

  • Reiteración de faltas leves
  • Una falta grave cuando a juicio del instructor del procedimiento existan circunstancias atenuantes


  • Prohibición de examinarse de la totalidad o parte de las asignaturas en que se encuentre matriculado en todas las convocatorias del año académico, con la consiguiente pérdida de los derechos de matrícula.
  • Adicionalmente, podrá acordarse la pérdida parcial o total, definitiva o temporal, de becas y ayudas de la UC3M.

Serious offenses

  • Take an UC3M exam on behalf of another student.
  • Consent that another person impersonate someone's identity for a exam.
  • Use electronic devices in a exam, unless expressly authorized by the professor.
  • Illicit access to computer systems for manipulating records and/or other evaluation documents and obtaining, removing or modifying exams.
  • Plagiarize a Bachelor Thesis (BT) or Master Thesis (MT)
  • Modify the records or any qualification document. 
  • Reiteration of less serious offenses.


  • Expulsion, definitive or temporary, of UC3M.
  • Loss of scholarships and grants of the UC3M, partially or totally, permanently or temporary.