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Free mover students at Postgraduate studies

Mapa mundi repleto de Post its

Postgraduate Studies

As a Free-Mover Student, you can take courses ("subjects") in any masters study in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

You have the possibility to choose courses from different studies, and at the end of the semester, you can obtain an academic transcript, with the passed courses.

You can apply for the Free-Mover program for the full academic year, or per semester.


Being a “free-mover” student allows students from other universities to enroll in any subject of the different programs offered by the University.

 When applying for admission as a Free-Mover Student, you must choose the area of knowledge in which you want to take subjects. In September, you can enroll in any course of any master included in the area of knowledge you selected whenever you have available seats at the time of enrolling.

It is important to choose subjects taught in the same semester in which you'll be at the Carlos III University of Madrid. (*)

“Free-mover” students will be able to apply for subjects from one or two semesters. They must apply for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 30 ECTS credits in each semester.

You can choose more than one area of knowledge. To do this see our list of programs.

(*) The Academic Year is divided into two SEMESTERS: First Semester (from September to January) and Second Semester (from February to June). You can only take First Semester Subjects during the First Semester and Second Semester Subjects during the Second Semester.



Remember that when you formalize our online admission application form you must upload the following mandatory documents:1

  • Passport or official ID copy
  • Any admission or enrollment document from your home university (admission letter, official transcript or enrollment document)

1 The student declares the truthfulness of the information recorded and that the documents presented are faithful copies of the original. In the case of the aforementioned not being verified, the student shall assume the legal consequences that could derive from this action, and the University, in accordance with the regulations currently in vigor, shall not recognize as valid any of the accompanying documentation presented nor its effects. Furthermore, the University can, at any time, request presentation of the original documents to determine the veracity of the same.



Application for full year or for first semester: until May 31.

Application for second semester: until November 20.

Students will be admitted if there are any vacancies in the subjects requested, and is deemed appropriate in the opinion of academic supervisor. The University will notify the admission via email.




Along with the admission notice you will receive instructions for enrollment (date, place and procedure).



These fees are for 2021/22 academic year (price per credit ECTS). The total amount of the tuition fee will be calculated by adding the corresponding credits of each of the selected subjects. In case of selecting subjects from Masters with different ECTS price, all subjects selected will be charged at the higher price.

📥 │ Tuition fees for free-mover students in Postgraduate (21/22)

These price are based on the distinction established by the DECRETO 71/2012, de 26 de julio, del Consejo de Gobierno de la Comunidad de Madrid between profesional and non profesional Masters.

You can select more than one knowledge area. In this case, higher price will be applied.



After the enrollment, in the first days of classes, we will give you a payment document. You must pay in cash, with the payment document, in a bank office of "Banco Santander".



Here we show you the information needed to activate your e-mail and access the Virtual Secretariat.