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Alumni's Comments and Opinions


“Master in Industrial Economics and Markets has been a great experience that has allowed me to complement my knowledge. The courses contents are integral with a  solid basis of knowledge in Economic Analysis and Applied econometrics that has allowed me to focus my career towards Economic regulation. In addition, the experience of its professors offers a practical and updated view on a discipline as dynamic as it is the industrial economy."

25th Edition (2015-2017)



“The Master in Industrial Economics and Markets provides extensive training in applied microeconomics and econometrics. In contrast to most of the Masters in Economics, this degree is not only rigorous in the theoretical side but also very oriented to the job market, having a second year fully dedicated to real life cases. UC3M top faculty is complemented with the most recognized professionals in Competition Policy, Regulatory Economics and regulated sectors. Skills acquired in this master are highly valued in companies working in regulated environments such as transport, energy or telecommunications, but also in the economics consultancy sector. All these makes the MIEM a unique Master in both Spain and Europe."

25th Edition (2015-2017) │ Consultant at INECO



“This master helped me to diversify my knowledge and learn about Economics - being an engineer, I was at first a little afraid in case I would have problems relative to my background, but I did not have any problem whatsoever. It seemed to me that it was a nice idea to spend the first year learning about theoretical courses such as Statistics, Microeconomics or Finances, and then apply the acquired knowledge in the Energy, Transport & Telecommunications markets. The professors come from some of the most conspicuous companies in their respective fields, and therefore the networking was guaranteed. To top it all off, I was also chosen to study a 5-month extension of the Master in the prestigious Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.”

23rd Edition (2013-2015) │ Business Development Manager en ACS Industrial Services



"This program has given me the opportunity to learn more about the exciting and complex industries such as Energy, Transport or Telecommunications, accompanied by a unique theoretical basis that allows me, in my job, take a broad view of the problems and use tools previously unknown".

19th Edition (2009- 2011) │ R & D Engineer at KeelWit Technology │ Partner-Director of Pigma Solutions



“The Master helped me to specialize in the area of Industrial Organization and contributed significantly to my career as an economist. Thanks to the Master’s focus on theory and practice, it was very easy to find the job I wanted. Currently, I work in the Department of Research and Statistics of the CMT, the Spanish Telecoms Regulator. I am also doing a PhD in Economics at the UB, and writing a paper on broadband, competition and regulation.

Also, I have participated in National Experts Training program at the European Commission.”

15th Edition (2005-2007) │ Department of Research and Statistics │Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones



“The Master in Industrial Economics and Markets allowed me to develop analytical capacity that has accompanied me throughout my career by creating a framework useful in making business decisions. We are heading toward a world where we will be able to measure almost everything, and in such a world, I believe the knowledge acquired in this program will be increasingly in demand by companies.”

11th Edition (1998-2000) │ Research and Consulting Program Manager │IDC (International Data Corporation), Spain



“The Master in Industrial Economics and Markets meant the difference between being a graduate in economics among many others, or being a specialized economist. This program allowed me to specialize in those areas of the economy that interested me and in which I was intended to focus my career. One of the most important thing for me was the empirical work developed in the preparation of the dissertation. Thanks to the guidelines set by the professor who directed my study, I developed a real research, step by step, which was instrumental in my career and that is what I do professionally. Because of the specialization, skills acquired, applied research developed, and the help of my dissertation’s director, I have been able to find jobs in which I have developed myself professionally.”

8th Edition (1998-2000) │ Economist of Servicio de Estudios del Consejo Superior de Cámaras de Comercio



“In my case, the Master has meant many things, both personally and professionally, and it is difficult to specify... Perhaps, the first to mention is the strength on my knowledge of Economics. The Masters also helped me take my first steps in research…All my professors were fantastic: rigorous, demanding and inspiring. And professionally.... well, I could say that I acceded to all my jobs thanks to the Master, sometimes through job’s offers managed by the Master’ office, and others by the network of contacts that the Master generates, and that goes far beyond the people in your own promotion. There is a sense of small family, over the years I have been joining people of different promotions.

Currently, I work as Head of Sector at the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), within the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. I also teach Economics at the Carlos III, and I am finishing my PhD at the University of Alcalá. I had previously worked at Arthur Andersen and the Research Service of the “Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones”.

8th Edition (1998-2000) │ Head of Sector │ Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (ICEX) │ Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad



"The Master in Industrial Economics and Markets, and particularly the specialization in Economics of Transport, gave me the opportunity to discover a very interesting area with many possibilities for study. I have spent almost ten years working in the field of air transport (airlines), I am in charge of a section dealing with development and evaluation of the company network. This section is responsible for studies related to the fleet of the company, the development of new destinations, the assessment of the current network and other things like keeping statistics, support of the stations where the company flies, negotiations with customers and much else that makes it very interesting. Also specializing in transport economics gave me the opportunity to study at two Universities, and knowing the culture and people of two countries, Spain and England. While studying in England I traveled with the program to Belgium, Holland, and Germany, which was a very good experience. Taking everything into consideration, I would say that the MIEM is a very interesting program, and offers alternatives that few universities can offer. I definitely recommend this program."

8th Edition (1998-2000) │ Network Evaluation and Development Officer │ Cyprus Airways



"My time in the Master in Industrial Economics and Markets helped me to strengthen quantitative skills gained during my degree in economics, focusing my attention on strategic sectors where regulation plays a key role, meeting people (students and teachers) whom have become colleagues and, above all, I opened up to the fascinating world of transport. Thanks to the MIEM, I also had the great opportunity to do internships at RENFE, to teach undergraduate courses and complete my training at the prestigious Institute of Transport Studies of Leeds."

8th Edition (1998-2000) │ Project Manager of Demand Studies │ OHL Concesiones



"The Master in Industrial Economics and Markets allowed me to improve my knowledge on Transport Economics as well as to increase my network within the international transport sector, giving me the opportunity to advance my professional career and use my skills at the best possible level.

The knowledge acquainted thorough the Master's Program allowed me to successfully face the challenges that have come up along my professional career."

5th Edition (1995-1997) │ Expert in logistics and regional development │ Integration and Trade Sector │ Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo │ Washington, USA



"I believe the Master in Industrial Economics and Markets has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken on my career: Joining a team of classmates and teachers from different backgrounds, different ways of doing and thinking, has enriched my education beyond theoretical knowledge. 

In addition, the internships allowed me to participate in important companies, learning from the best professionals, and expand my experience and network of contacts."

5th Edition (1995-1997) │ Department of Strategy and Corporate Development │ Novagalicia Banco



"My time in the Master in Industrial Economics and Markets had a major impact on my career because it allowed me to change fields… Specifically, I passed from working as a Telecommunications Engineer expert on Telephony to work as an expert in Transport Economics. This program opened the doors of my first jobs in this new field, in which I have worked over 14 years.

Currently, I work at SENER, one of the largest independent engineering companies in Spain in Transport Planning, where I'm applying a lot of knowledge of Statistics, Econometrics and Microeconomics acquired in the MIEM."

5th Edition (1995-1997) │ Civil Section. Transportation Planning │ SENER



"The Master in Industrial Economics and Markets offered me a full differential training in the area of applied economics in the major industrial sectors. The MIEM’s long history supports the success of its approach."

4th Edition (1994-1996) │ Director General of Strategy and Diversification │ ALSA - NATIONAL EXPRESS



“Enrolling in 'Master in Industrial Economics and Markets' was a great opportunity and experience. This program is a pioneer and leader in its field. In my case, because it was the first promotion, I had to wait a year to start the program, but it was worth it. I hold in high esteem my classmates with whom I have met many times throughout my career.”

1st Edition (1991-1993) │ Director of studies │ Consejo Superior de Cámaras de Comercio Industria y Navegación de España