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UC3M Expert Degree in New Ventures Creation in The Fashion and Lifestyle Industry

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  • UC3M Expert Degree in New Ventures Creation in The Fashion and Lifestyle Industry

School of Continuing Education

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Co-director UC3M: María José Sánchez Bueno. Co-director Condé Nast: Ana García-Siñeriz
Madrid - Puerta de Toledo


INDEM Center for Business Research

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    The purpose of this expert course, organized by Carlos III University and Condé Nast College Spain, is to provide participants with highly specialized knowledge and skills for starting successful new ventures in the fascinating fashion and lifestyle industry. This course allows participants to acquire a complete and advanced understanding concerning key issues on entrepreneurship in this particular industry. Furthermore, through this expert course participants will be able to live the experience to develop and defend their own business model. Thus, the program will offer excellent support to acquire new skills leading successful entrepreneurs carry out effective business plans.

    Alumna atendiendo en clase en la UC3M

    Expert in Entrepreneurship in the Fashion and Lifestyle Industry has a total of 21 ECTS (including a final project consisting of a complete business plan with 4.5 ECTS). This is a very ambitious and appealing program in line with their main goals.  

    MODULE 1. Strategic elements to identify an idea and develop a business model (3 ECTS)
    Coordinator: Fernando Muñoz Bullón

    • Understanding the entrepreneurial mind-set and preparing yourself to be an entrepreneur.
    • Becoming familiar with the entrepreneurial phenomenon (advantages and disadvantages, myths, phases of the entrepreneurial process).
    • Developing creative ideas and assessing if they are feasible.
    • Learning the major sections of a business plan and their relevance.

    MODULE 2.  Analysis of the new venture growth (3 ECTS)
    Coordinator: Ester Martínez Ros

    • Understanding key growth opportunities (e.g., diversification, internationalization) and the main elements involved in the new venture growth.
    • Illustrating and exploring the value of innovation to navigate through the new venture growth phase.
    • Selecting an appropriate partner to the new venture creation.

    MODULE  3. Strategies and policies of marketing in entrepreneurship. Digital marketing (3 ECTS)
    Coordinator: Susana Ibáñez

    • Who are the customers? Examining the target market
    • Understanding competitors
    • Describing the nature of the product or service
    • Establishing sales & distribution strategy
    • Determining pricing policy
    • Developing advertisement and promotion plans 


    MODULE 4. HR management in entrepreneurship (3 ECTS)
    Coordinator: Celia Zárraga Oberty

    • Determining your staffing needs. The new venture team
    • Jobs descriptions and specifications.
    • Recruiting and selecting employees
    • Retaining employees

    MODULE 5.  The financial plan. Goals and funding (3 ECTS)
    Coordinator: Susana Gago Rodríguez

    • Assessment of capital needs
    • Sources of equity financing
    • Financial statements
    • Ratio analysis
    • Critical risks

    MODULE 6. Workshops “Entrepreneurship in the fashion and lifestyle industry” (1,5 ECTS)
    Coordinator: Blanca Zurita

    The student will be able to attend different events related to the entrepreneurial process in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

    MODULE 7. Final project- Business plan
    Coordinator: María José Sánchez Bueno

    The student will apply the knowledge acquired during the expert course to develop and defend their own business plan. This business plan will entail the creation of a new venture in the fashion and lifestyle industry.


    Academic Faculty UC3M

    • Gago Rodríguez, Susana
      Department of Business Administration
      Associate Professor
    • Martínez Ros, Ester
      Department of Business Administration
      Associate Professor
    • Muñoz Bullón, Fernando
      Department of Business Administration
      Associate Professor
    • Sánchez Bueno, María José
    • Department of Business Administration
    • Associate Professor
    • Zárraga Oberty, Celia
      Department of Business Administration
      Associate Professor

    Professional Faculty

    • Burgues, Jeff
      Juanjo Oliva
      Ventas y Comunicación
    • Ibáñez, Susana
      Condé Nast
      Vicedirector of Marketing
    • Nieto, Moisés
      Moisés Nieto
      Fundador y CEO
    • Parmar, Kavita
      IOU Story Store (The IOU Project)
      Founder & Creative Director
    • Zurita, Blanca
      BZ Comunicación
      Directora & Fundadora

      Number of available places: 40

      Required qualifications

      Graduates (all degrees) / non-graduates with professional experience / non-graduates who desire to become an entrepreneur

      Student profile

      Everybody who wants to start his/her own business in the fashion and lifestyle industry.



      Admission criteria: documentation and selection

      • Official academic records (Bachelor's degree, diploma or certificate).
      • Curriculum vitae.
      • Letter of motivation and recommendation.

      Admissions will be decided on the basis of the academic records and candidates’ personal interests, as well as, in some cases, a personal interview.

      Admission process-Application

      Please contact with Condé Nast College Spain directly for detailed information on the admission process requirements.

      • Condé Nast College Spain
        Paseo de la Castellana 9-11
        Ground Floor
        Madrid 28046
        Phone: +34 91 700 41 70

      The registration fee of this expert course is € 5,900.

      More information:


    There has been a growing interest on entrepreneurship in the last years. The fact of becoming an entrepreneur contributes to reduce unemployment rates and, therefore, represents a vital phenomenon in all economies (both developing and emerging economies). Every industry, including the fashion and lifestyle industry, needs highly qualified entrepreneurs with new skills and knowledge capable of setting up a healthy new venture and ensuring its continuity for the subsequent generations. This expert course, apart from helping participants to become a successful entrepreneur, will offer them the opportunity to get relevant positions in this area, such as, an entrepreneurship consultant, an entrepreneurship coach, a corporate entrepreneur, a manager in public institutions with the responsibility of promoting strategies in entrepreneurship, among others.


    Duration and schedules

    The duration of this expert course is three months from October to December (in the afternoons). Therefore, this schedule makes this program compatible with any work or academic activities the participants may be performing.

    Classes will be held from Mondays to Thursdays (from 16:00 to 20: 30h).


    Teaching will take place at the headquarter of Condé Nast College Spain (Paseo de la Castellana, 9-11), and at the Campus of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Puerta de Toledo (Madrid).

    Condé Nast College Spain
    Paseo de la Castellana, 9-11
    Planta Baja
    28046 - Madrid



    Campus Madrid Puerta de Toledo

    Please click here for a virtual tour of the Madrid - Puerta de Toledo Campus (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).