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Our students voices

  • Our students

    Noah Groenewold (USA - Boston College)


    I chose the University Carlos III of Madrid because of its position as a great school for Economics and Business. I knew I would be able to take high quality classes that I would be passionate about and that would engage my interests as well. I also knew that I wanted to learn Spanish and I knew UC3M would be a great place to expand my study of the Spanish language. The most interesting part of my course is being able to interact with a large variety of international students. I am able to better understand their perspectives.

    I am growing a lot as an international student in Madrid. I have learned to be more self-sufficient; I have gained a lot of confidence, and have made a lot of new friends, both from Boston College and in the greater UC3M community. I have also learned a ton in my art class, my Family Business Management class, and in my philosophy classes... (More)

    Girija Hariprasad (USA - Johns Hopkins University)

    Imagen Girija

    My time at UC3M will remain unforgettable because of the lasting bonds and relationships I was able to form with my professors and peers. I was a student under the Curso de Estudios Hispánicos program (a program offered by the Carlos III International School) and I loved the classes. The professors stressed on applying what we were learning in the classroom into the new culture we were experiencing.  

    Coursework coupled the process of adapting to our new environment, from contextualizing the history of society to teaching us current colloquialisms.  We had the opportunity to have a firsthand experience, like studying Spanish Art History in the Prado and Reina Sofia Museum itself. 

    Every experience was exciting during my stay at UC3M. People were wonderful, always willing to help with anything... (More)

    Yarden Garonzik (USA - Wesleyan University)


    I would highly recommend studying at the UC3M because of the amazing, intellectual, and engaging professors, the beautiful campus close to Madrid, the vast selection of courses and the wide variety of extracurricular activities available, and the amazingly open and diverse international student community.

    My transition into the UC3M was surprisingly smooth thanks to the orientation staff at C3IS, who were all very helpful. Also my new professors were welcoming, students in my classes were outgoing, and I felt like everyone on campus went out of their way to help me find my way in a completely unfamiliar environment. I have made many valuable connections and new friendships with various international students on campus that I will certainly cherish in the future... (More)

    Claudia Valdivia (USA - UCBerkeley)

    Imagen Claudia

    Studying at UC3M has been an interesting cultural and linguistic learning experience for which I am thankful.

    I chose UC3M for its location near Madrid, and it allows me to spend my free time exploring museums, parks, and landmarks in the city. Also there are a lot of on-campus activities. UC3M is undoubtedly a global campus. It feels like the university is proud of its diverse student body. I enjoy meeting Spaniards and other international students from around the world.

    I have made a good connection with my partner from the Amigos program [program that provides you with a friendly person to help you in this adventure] and we have met up occasionally to discuss certain topics. I am learning about how I am as a student while at UC3M and about certain needs that I have... (More)

    Karina Cedillo (USA - UCIrvine)

    Imagen Karina

    I would definitely recommend studying at UC3M, mainly because of its bilingual bilingual system, but also because UC3M strives for the success of its students and is constantly pursuing innovation. Studying here allowed me to have a completely different academic experience in each semester of my stay. My Fall Semester was under the Hispanic Studies Program, a C3IS program aimed for international students. All my classmates were from American universities and the classes were taught in Spanish. Now, for the Spring Semester I’m doing Immersion and almost all my classmates are Spaniards (although I also have the opportunity to take my classes in English); I love that!

    All the professors are very friendly, which is something new for me since in my university classes are so big professors barely get to know your name. They are also very passionate about their courses, what makes the classes very interesting and enjoyable... (More)

    Romain Adil (France - Université Paris Dauphine)

    Imagen Romain

    I would definitely recommend studying at UC3M, since it is a great place to study which offers everything that a student needs to succeed. I chose UC3M for its renowned teaching qualities. Also, the bilingual aspect of the programs offered is a great advantage that adds value to a student’s diploma. 

    When I started the course I wasn't afraid of the everyday life because I knew that I wasn’t alone in my situation. The support provided by the heads of the program was also very comforting, I knew that I had someone to lean on, who plaid the “parent” role, in a way. The support from Carlos III International school was very good. We got to meet the Director several times, and he was always interested in listening to our opinion and suggestions. Apart from that, we also had great support from our GBD manager at Carlos III International School... (More)

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