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TERA6G is a crossroad from previous H2020 projects to combine key previous know-how enabling us to aim for wireless links with Terabit-per-second data throughput capacity combining the use of carrier frequencies above 100 GHz and massive Multiple-Input/Multiple-Output (mMIMO) multi-antenna techniques.


G.A. ID: 871668
11/2019 to 10/2022

  • Hybrid integrated photonics based THz generation and detection
  • High-speed photodiode-based mmW/THz transmitter
  • 2D transmitter antenna arrays
  • Waveguide-integrated photoconductive-based mmW/THz receiver

G.A. ID: 871464
11/2019 to 10/2022

  • D-band propagation and channel modelling
  • Beamforming and tracking
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces and beamforming
  • Blockage and misalignment in D band BF
  • Baseband processing

G.A. ID: 761794
06/2017 to 03/2020

  • 300GHz regime propagation and channel modelling
  • Pencil Beamforming algorithms and impairments
  • Pencil beamforming MAC and multiple access schemes
  • BF codebook design 

G.A. ID: 871668
09/2020 to 02/2023

  • 5G Core with network slice manager
  • 3GPP Service based architecture with 5GLAN and TSN modules
  • SDN controller integrated to network slice manager


Call identifier: HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022-STREAM-B-01-02

Grant Agreement No.: 101096949

Timeline: 1 January 2023 – 30 June 2026

Overall budget: € 6,114,000

EC contribution: € 5,892,962