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University Beach Volleyball Circuit

Circuito Universitario de Vóley Playa

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) organized the latest event for the university beach volleyball circuit in Madrid. The competition, which took place in the Europa sports center in Leganés on April 14th and 15th, had men’s and women’s teams from UC3M participating in this Olympic sport.

The pair that competed for UC3M in the men’s category, Oscar García and Pablo Kosarevyc, finished third in this competition, which is open to the entire Madrid university community. Up to three pairs per institution and category could participate. The men’s team lost in the semifinal to the eventual champions of the tournament, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), by the narrow margin of 25 to 23, and defeated the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in the consolation match to earn the third-place finish.

In the women’s category, the UC3M team was headed by Marina Casa and Victoria Fernández-Cavada (in the top photo,Victoria is hitting the ball), two mechanical and industrial engineering students who came up just shy of the winners’ podium. The UCM won, finishing ahead of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and the UPM. “The members of this last team, De Blas and Lería, are professional volleyball players that play for the team from Alcobendas (currently competing in the playoffs for the title). As they are university students, they also play beach volleyball,” stated the UC3M Student Area service, which coordinated the organization of this event. “It was a very enriching experience to participate in thiss event,” said Casa. “It was the first time that we played together and we had a good time trying to adapt to beach volleyball, which is very different from volleyball on a court, given that the ball is different, as well as the way to hit it, the rules and the way to run, among many other things.”

Sports Teams

These results are the latest in a list of achievements by UC3M sports teams. One example of the successes of the University is the men’s indoor volleyball team, which won first place in the Madrid University Championship, going undefeated in 14 games. All of this took place in a season whose level has been such that many consider it one of the best in the history of university volleyball.

The key to the success of this team is, according to its coach, David Martín, the teamwork it has cultivated for several years. “We have a relatively young group of players, and it is not individual achievement that is important but commitment and training, which is what enables us to do good work as a team,” said Martín. It is a recipe that this former UC3M  student hopes will continue to work for the Championship of Spain, which the Universidad de León will host from April 26th to 29th, and which the UC3M team qualified for with its performance in the Madrid University Championship.

The UC3M women’s volleyball team has also demonstrated its savoir faire. After an intense season, it finished runner-up to the UCM, with the Universidad de Alcalá taking third place. The UC3M rugby 7 team finished runner-up in the same place to the UPM. From May 4th to 6th, these players will have another chance in the Rugby 7 Championship of Spain, which the Universidad de Sevilla will host.

UC3M Team Advantages

Being part of the UC3M team means joining a team where the best values of sports competition are present, values learned and constructed by the players who make up the team. Also, those selected have a series of advantages, like obtaining the Student Area Card, recognition of credits for belonging to a sports team and preference when choosing groups of classes to combine academic life with sports at the University.

The members of the UC3M teams also have a weekly physiotherapy service, a medical revision prior to joining any team and specific sports insurance for belonging to the team.  The sports insurance offers health coverage in centers that specialize in sports injuries. Likewise, equipment and transportation are provided by the University, as well as accommodation expenses, board and registration fees that any sports tournament might entail.

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