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Día de la Universidad (Day of the University) 2015

Día de la Universidad 2015

Día de la Universidad (Day of the University) 2015
Peter Ingwersen, UC3M Doctor Honoris Causa

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) received Peter Ingwersen, one of the fathers of Webometrics, during its Doctors Honoris Causae investiture ceremony. The ceremony, presided over by University President Daniel Peña, took place on January 30, during the Día de la Universidad in the Main Auditorium of the Getafe Campus.  At this time, more than fifty doctoral degrees were awarded by the University, with more than thirty cum laude doctoral awards being bestowed. 

In his speech, the Danish information scientist and expert in Bibliometrics stated that he considered receiving this distinction to be a “great honor” from his “UC3M colleagues”, with whom he has collaborated for over a decade, especially two UC3M departments related to his area of study (information science), as well as being a UC3M Chair of Excellence. The Full Professor of Library and Information Science, Elías Sanz, in his tribute stated that he faced the “difficult enterprise” of summarizing the “intense and extensive academic and research life” of Professor Ingwersen, together with the “transcendence of his achievements and the role of his scientific results.”

Professor Sanz took this occasion to recall the role of Peter Ingwersen in the field of Library and Information Science. The contributions of this University of Copenhagen Professor Emeritus range from his initial research on mental processes and behavior affecting the user in the information retrieval process to recent analyses that evaluate diverse aspects of scientific production and communication, carried out jointly with members of the UC3M Laboratory of Information Metrics Studies. Ingwersen framed this work within a triangle made up of information, people and ICT´s, in which he counted on the collaboration of professionals from this institution with their outstanding “methodological rigor”, “rigorous analyses” and “their splendid ideas”.   He also added how they showed him the “delicacies and varieties of Spanish cuisine.”
On his part, Professor Sanz recalled his sabbatical year at the Royal School of Library and Information in the University of Copenhagen, which was an excellent occasion to work intensely and jointly with Peter Ingwersen’s group.  Of Professor Ingwersen he remarked that in addition to his academic and scientific merits, he could highlight his human side: his way of dealing with suffering, his open and winning smile, and his love and zest for life. 

Immediately following, University President Daniel Peña bestowed upon Professor Ingwersen the Doctor Honoris Causa of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid title and in his subsequent speech- his last intervention as University President in the Dia de la Universidad- Daniel Peña expressed his gratitude to those who have accompanied and supported him during his eight years at the helm of this institution.  Furthermore, he took this occasion to talk about the future of universities in Spain and in Europe.

“Strong winds of change are blowing through universities,” remarked the President, which will affect the teaching, research, organization and funding for these types institutions. “The digital revolution is transforming the world, diluting the limitations of space and time, creating new forms of communication, diversion and learning,” he pointed out.   However, Professor Peña thinks we should look optimistically to the future because “our University is especially well prepared to take advantage of these new opportunities” and predicted that “it will be at the forefront in constructing a more advanced and just society, based on knowledge, freedom, equality,” he stated in his conclusion.

In the photo, Virginia Ortiz-Repiso Jiménez, Head of the Department of Library and Information Science, together with Peter Ingwersen, President Daniel Peña, and Professor Elias Sanz Casado.

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