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Fabio Crestani


Fabio Crestani - University of Lugano (SWITZERLAN)

Fabio Crestani received his PhD and MSc in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow. His received his undergraduate degree is in Statistics and Economics from the University of Padua, Italy. Currently, he is Full Professor at the Universities of Lugano and Glasgow. He has held positions as a Visiting Researcher at the Palo Alto Research Center in California, and as a Research Fellow at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the Central Laboratory of the Research Council in the UK, and the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California. His areas of research are Information Retrieval, Hypermedia, and Digital Libraries. In particular, his main research interests lie in the modelling of the uncertainty, imprecision and vagueness of information access, and in the design and development of advanced information access systems for unstructured or semistructured documents. Dr. Crestani has authored more than one hundred publications including articles, collaborations and papers.


PROJECT: There is a growing realisation that access to information will be carried out more and more not as an individual task, but as part of other tasks that require information. The effective retrieval of such information will depend on the time, place, history of interaction, task in hand, and a range of other factors that are implicit in the interaction and in the ambient. Models will need to be developed to facilitate the development of systems that exploit this contextual information in the search process.

Stay Period: MAY 11 -JUL 12


Professor: Fabio Crestani
Title: The Art of Linking: From Linking Text to Linking Crimes
Date: June 15 at 11:30h
Place: Sala de video 3.1.S08


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