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Stephanos Venakides


Stephanos Venakides - Duke University (USA)

Stephanos Venakides earned his PhD in Mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. He holds an MS in Applied Mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. He is currently Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Duke University. He has also lectured at Stanford University and worked as an Electrical Engineer at Hewlett-Packard and ASEA. Dr. Venakides’ research interests include partial differential equations, integrated systems, electromagnetic resonance and mathematical biology. He has published more than 40 papers and organized four conferences in Spain, Italy and the US. In 2005 Dr. Venakides was named the Abel Lecturer by the Norwegian Royal Academy.


PROJECT: Solvable model for nonlinear resonant scattering, inspired by transmission anomaly phenomena in photonic crystals. A nonlinear oscillator is coupled to a point defect of a transmission line on which there is an incident continuous wave of a single frequency. At zero coupling constant, a pure eigenvalue is imbedded in the continuum spectrum. It disappears when the coupling constant takes a nonzero value, triggering a nonlinear transmission anomaly. He is now examining stability issues.

Stay Period: SEP 10 - FEB 11


Title: "Transmission and Resonance in Photonic Crystal Materials"

Author: Prof. Stephanos Venakides

Date: March 2, 2011

Time: 12:30h

Place: Aula 2.3B.04.


1. S. P. Shipman, S. Venakides, "An exactly solvable model for nonlinear resonant scattering", manuscript in preparation.
2. Oscar Bruno, Stephen Shipman, Catalin Turc, Stephanos Venakides, "Efficient Solution of Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering Problemsin Three-Dimensional Periodic Media" manuscript in preparation.
3. Sergey Belov, Stephanos Venakides, "Evolution of Riemann-Hilbert jump contours: Smooth parametric dependence with application to semiclassical focusing NLS" manuscript in preparation.