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Fabio Bonsignorio


Fabio Bonsignorio - Universitá di Genova (ITALY)

Fabio Bonsignorio holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is founder and CEO of Heron Robots. He is a specialist in real applications of intelligent systems and advanced robotic solutions.

He is a teacher at the University of Genoa, Italy, where he holds academic research positions in robotics, and lectures on robotics, industrial control systems and machine design in the Department of Mechanics. He has also worked for the last twenty years in the R&D departments of Italian and US companies, such as Elsag- IBM in CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), ORSI Automazione, Imation, E&Y and Oracle.

He is author and co-author of publications in the areas of robotics, cognition and manufacturing systems. His first paper on robot control dates back to 1985, and he now dedicates most of his time to research.

Dr. Bonsignorio is a member of IEEE/RAS, AAAI, CLAWAR, and euCognition, and a board member of EURON III.


PROJECT: "Embodied cognitive grasping" aims to investigate and produce a "proof of concept" system for cognitive grasping take into proper consideration the dynamics of the grasping together with the information metrics of the controller. To ground symbolic manipulation as an emerging process from sensory motor coordination of vision, mechanical characteristics of a highly sensorized compliant hand.



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Journals/Book Chapters:
1. Jardon A. , Stoelen M., Bonsignorio F.P., Balaguer C. ,” Task-oriented kinematic optimization of asymmetric assistive climbing robot”, IEEE T-RO, 2010 (conditionally accepted)