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Benjamín A. Carreras


Benjamín A. Carreras - Alaska University (USA)

Benjamin A. Carreras received his undergraduate degree in Science from the University of Barcelona, Spain, followed by a PhD in Physics from the University of Valencia, Spain.

Dr. Carreras has worked as a researcher at different research centers in Spain, Scotland, England and the United States. He worked for more than 25 years at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where he became one of the world’s leading authorities on research into nuclear fusion energy.

His research interests range from plasma physics to computer science and theoretical high energy physics.

He has contributed to the understanding of plasma turbulence, and to the development of new magnetic confinement concepts to overcome plasma magnetohydrodynamic limitations.

Dr. Carreras has received many international awards for his work and has published more than 300 research papers throughout his career.


PROJECT: DoTwo main areas of research: (i) In the field of plasma Physics: applying homology to the study of turbulence in plasma. A multidisciplinary collaboration of experts in theoretical physics, plasma physics, topology and computing. (ii) Application of the ideas of Complex Systems to the study of infrastructure vulnerability, particularly in the electrical network.



1. “Characterization of the transport-relevant topological structures in plasma turbulence flows” B. A. Carreras, L. Garcia, I. Llerena, and I. Calvo, Submitted to PRE
2. “Topological characterization of the transition from laminar regime to fullydeveloped turbulence in the resistive pressure-gradient-driven turbulence model” L. Garcia, B. A. Carreras, I. Llerena, and I. Calvo, Submitted to PRE
3. “Zonal flows and long-distance correlations during the formation of the edge shear layer in the TJ-II stellarator” I. Calvo , B. A. Carreras, L. Garcia, M. A. Pedrosa, and C. Hidalgo, Plasma. Phys. Control. Fusion 51, 065007 (2009).
4. “The impact of risk-averse operation on the likelihood of extreme events in asimple model of infrastructure.” B. A. Carreras, D. E. Newman, I. Dobson, and M. Zeidenberg, Submitted to CHAOS.
5. "Maintenance and Replacement as Separate Tasks in an Organization Managing aComplex System”. B. A. Carreras, D. E. Newman, Matthew Zeidenberg, and IanDobson, submitted to Journal of the Operational Research Society.
6. “Dynamics of an Economics model for Generation Coupled to the OPA power transmission model” B. A. Carreras, D. E. Newman, Matthew Zeidenberg, and Ian Dobson, submitted to the Proceedings of the 43rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hawaii, Hawaii, Jan. 2010.