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Parque Científico de la UC3M

Parque Científico de la UC3M

A Space for meeting, collaboration and exchange among entrepreneurs, researchers and companies that converts ideas into innovation

The Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) Science Park is like a giant laboratory where the main ingredients of innovation converge. Interestingly, all of these ingredients begin with the letter “I” in Spanish: research (“investigación”), which is what the scientists who work at the university contribute; ideas (also “ideas” in Spanish), which the entrepreneurs who jump into the adventure of starting a technology-based company try to set in motion; investment (“inversión), by the companies who get behind innovation. An example is APTENT be Accessible! (part of the team can be seen in the photo), a technology-based spinoff formed by experts in accessibility to communication and new technologies that came out of UCM at the end of 2011. R+D+i (I+D+i, in Spanish) as the formula for success. The small “i” could become a capital I, given the number of related processes and concepts that begin with this letter, and that can be used to lay out the real golden rules of innovation that is being carried out inside the Science Park.

“Investigadores” (“Researchers”, in English, also “investigators”, people searching for answers), but also entrepreneurs and companies. Three actors who appear to have different objectives, but who find their meeting point in innovation.

Interaction. This is what they get, by benefitting from the synergies that develop among them as they carry out their projects in the Park, which serves as a catalyst that accelerates and promotes the chemistry in this relationship. 
Information for the researchers, regarding the needs for development that the companies have, sources of financing available for projects in collaboration with the companies, or about how to commercialize the results of their research and the technology that they develop.

Identification of projects that are open for development by UC3M for companies and Institutions, fomenting the collaboration between the university’s scientists and the companies as a factor in business competitiveness, promoting consortiums or participating as partners in joint projects.

Ideas.  Brilliant ideas for businesses. This is what is being sought through the IDEAS Competition (Concurso de IDEAS) for the creation of innovative, technology-based companies, whose seventh edition is open until October 15, 2014.

Inspiration but also perspiration to move those ideas forward. This is where the Science Park supports the entrepreneurs, helping them create companies based on the results of UC3M’s research (spinoffs) or on UC3M’s areas of interest (startups), for any entrepreneur with enthusiasm and ideas. 

Interface. The Park is recognized as such when it formalizes the relationship between the university and a company within the national and international system of science, technology and innovation, moving those relationships to a world that is ever more interconnected.

Instruments. The Park gives advice about a variety of instruments and about which are the most adequate for establishing relationships, such as for agreements, contracts, licenses, for the creation of companies, etc.

Intercambio (Exchange, in English). The spaces for meetings, both formal and informal like hallways and the cafeteria in the Park, create a relaxed atmosphere where new business models often come about. Because who hasn’t scribbled an idea or a business project on a napkin at least once?

Intelligence, necessary for managing all of this talent. The Science Park is the institution that tries to facilitate the gathering of all of the elements that are necessary to optimize the process of knowledge and technology transfer to the world of business and production.

Innovation, in a word.