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Department of Social Sciences

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Pedro Riera's coauthored paper, "Local Elections in Spain. The Personalization of Voting Behavior", has just won the 2017 Best Paper Award by the Revista Internacional de Sociología

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Robert M. Fishman has just published a new book, “Democratic Practice: Origins of the Iberian Divide in Political Inclusion” with Oxford University Press. The text analyzes how distinct pathways to democracy have generated powerful cultural legacies that account for enduring differences between Portugal and Spain in democratic inclusion and, as a result, in numerous social outcomes.

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Rosario Soler Tomé, graduated from the first cohort in International Studies at UC3M, has won the Pilar Azcárate Research Award on Gender and Equal Opportunities for her Bachelor Thesis entitled "Making Room for Women in UN Peacekeeping: An Analysis of Female Military Integration and Contributor Countries”.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has included in its November Monthly Labor Review an entry on "Stopgappers? The occupational trajectories of men in female-dominated occupations", Margarita Torre’s last publication in Work and Occupations.

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The WORLD TRADE HISTORICAL DATABASE (Federico (Università di Pisa) and Tena (UC3M) is now open for consultation to academic researchers and to the general public. You can find series of exports and imports in US dollars at current and constant prices for almost every country (or policy unit) from 1800 to 1938, with additional information on the composition of trade and terms of trade. It includes a detailed discussion of the sources and methods for the estimation as well as series of exchange rates, international commodity prices and freights.


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