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Hai-Feng Li

Hai-Feng Li

Doctorate from:

RWTH Aachen University and Juelich Center for Neutron Science JCNS (Germany)

Department at UC3M:

Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering

CONEX Fellow from 02/03/2015 to 29/02/2016


“fASTNESS: New Advanced Materials and Related Neutron and Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Studies”

Emerging advanced materials with novel electronic and magnetic properties are widely recognized to be a critical element of scientific research and a hub of technical advance. Understanding the nature of intriguing macroscopic functionalities for potential applications such as magnetic/electric-driven switches, sensors or new types of memory devices, etc., in turn will steer the searching for new applicable materials, which has been a central topic in modern science. However, a full understanding of the microscopic origins of the enduring physical phenomena is still lacking thanks to the Gordian knot of strong electron correlations with a complicated interplay of lattice, charge, spin and orbital degrees of freedom. High-quality materials are the sine qua non of studying their fascinating physical properties.
The multidisciplinary project fASTNESS covering the disciplines of materials science, chemistry, crystallography and physics aims to: (1) develop suitable avenues of synthesizing high-quality polycrystals and large single crystals of correlated electron materials; (2) comprehensively characterize the poly/single-crystalline samples by available in-house instruments; (3) shed light on their intriguing physics by employing the modern neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering techniques, and so forth.


Hai-Feng Li holds a BEng with a major in Materials Physics from University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) (China, 2000), a MEng in Materials Physics and Chemistry from USTB (China, 2003), and a Ph.D. in Materials Physics from Research Center Juelich and RWTH Aachen University (Germany, 2008). His bachelor thesis focuses on structural materials. His master thesis (regarding thin films) was awarded the “Excellent Master Thesis” at USTB. His doctoral thesis entitled “Synthesis of CMR Manganites and Ordering Phenomena in Complex Transition Metal Oxides” (Doctor-father: Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel) achieves the overall grade “Auszeichnung (Distinction)” (the top Award/highest Honor to a Ph.D. student in Germany). Therefore, he was honored with the “Borchersplakette 2009” at RWTH. He obtained a tax-exempt stipend at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research (Stuttgart, Germany, 2007-2008). Then he joined the Ames Laboratory (DOE, USA) as a postdoctoral research associate (2008-2010). Since 2011, he had been working for the Institute of Crystallography (@ RWTH) and Juelich Center for Neutron Science JCNS-2 as a scientific coworker, and was sent to the Institute Laue-Langevin (ILL) (France, 2011-2013) as a long-term visitor. His scientific research centers around exploiting and synthesizing advanced materials and exploring their intriguing properties with modern neutron and X-ray scattering.