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Very experienced fellow

Jean Yves Sanchez

Jean Yves Sanchez

Doctorate from:
Universite Montpellier 2, France

Department at UC3M: 
Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering


CONEX Fellow from 03/11/14 to 31/08/2018


"ACABA: Advanced CAlcium BAtteries"

Lithium-ion batteries are currently the main electrochemical storage source in electronic devices and in the growing field of transportation. Lithium resources are however limited and the market’s explosion will increase the price of lithium batteries, making the search for alternatives mandatory. Despite calcium batteries have up to now been neglected, Calcium, owing to its availability, capacity, and redox potential, is a promising candidate provided innovative electrolytes and electrodes are invented.

ACABA (Advanced CAlcium BAtteries) will initiate this research towards pioneering Calcium batteries, in collaboration with Spanish and French laboratories. ACABA totally matches with the current concerns about better energy managements. The research in post-lithium batteries is about to receive a worldwide tremendous focus, ACABA targeting to initiate this trend for calcium batteries. ACABA is very ambitious with high risk-level, as a huge effort is required for battery components; but it also offers a high-impact research with important scientific as well as technological production.


Jean-Yves Sanchez academic route is characterized by a dual mobility: scientific (physical chemistry, polymers, electrochemistry) and geographical (Montpellier-Algiers-Grenoble-Madrid). After obtaining his PhD (Montpellier-1972), in Physical Organic Chemistry and fulfilling his military obligations, he got a post-doc (09/1973-03/1975) at ‘Institut Européen des Membranes’ where he performed pioneering researches on electron and electron/ion conducting polymers. Then, he was sent by French Foreign Office at Algiers University 1975-1986 where, despite harsh conditions, he co-created a polymer lab and obtained a ‘Doctorat es-sciences (1981). Joining, as Associate Professor, Grenoble INP in 1984, he created and headed (from 1997) ELSA-LEPMI (~ 24 researchers). He became Full Professor PR2 (1995). National Council promoted him PR1 (2002) PRCE1 (2009) and PRCE2 (highest position, 2014). He co-authored of 140 publications (4 in press) 75% Q1, filed 45 International Patents and supervised 30 PhD (3 awarded). In the frame of researches, dedicated to electrochemical sources, he led 3 EU projects and a ten of National/Regional ones.

Scientific publications:

  • Electrochemical and structural characterization of sulfonated polysulfones, A-M.Martos, J-Y.Sanchez, A.Varez, B.Levenfeld, POLYMER TESTİNG, 45 (2015) 185-193. I-F: 2.69. Q1.
  • Development of sodium-conducting polymer electrolytes: comparison between film-casting and films obtained via green processes. C. S .Martinez-Cisneros, B.Levenfeld, A.Varez, J-Y Sanchez, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 192 (2015) 456-466. I.F.=5.116..Q1.
  • Evaluation of polyolefin-based macroporous separators for  High Temperature Li-ion batteries. C.S.Martinez-Cisneros, C.Antonelli, B.Levenfeld, A.Varez, J-Y.Sanchez,  ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 216(2016) 68-78. I.F.=5.116.  Q1.
  • Optimizing ionic conduction of poly(oxyethylene) electrolytes through controlling the cross-link density. A.Thiam, C.Antonelli, C.Iojoiu, F.Alloin, J-Y.Sanchez. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 240(2017) 307-315. I-F: 5.116. Q1.
  • Sodium polymer electrolytes composed of sulfonated polysulfones and macromolecular/molecular solvents, C.S.Martinez-Cisneros, C.Antonelli, B.Levenfeld, A.Varez, J-Y.Sanchez, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 245(2017) 807-813. I.F.=5.116. Q1.
  • Lithium salts based on a series of new anilinyl-perfluorosulfonamide salts and their polymer electrolytes, A.Thiam, C.Iojoiu, J-C.Leprêtre, J-Y.Sanchez, Journal Of Power Sources, 364 (2017) 138-147.I.F.=6.945. Q1
  • Foreword. V.Di Noto, J-Y.Sanchez, A.Varez, Electrochimica Acta, 245(2017) 1075-1076. Co-editor of a Special Issue of ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, I.F.=5.116. Q1.
  • Additive-free Li4Ti5O12 thick electrodes for Li-ion batteries with high electrochemical performance. M. E. Sotomayor, C. de la Torre-Gamarra, W. Bucheli, J. M. Amarilla, A. Varez, B. Levenfeld, and J.-Y. Sanchez. J.Mater.Chem.A, (2018) 6, 5952-5961.I.F.= 9.931 Q1.


  • Battery electrode used as an anode and as a part of primary or secondary electrochemical cell that is rechargeable lithium battery or its system, comprises an active electrode material comprising mixed lithium oxide or lithium phosphate. Levenfeld B., Sotomayor M. E., Bucheli W. O., Sanchez J. Y., Varez A., Amarilla  J. M., Alvarez J. M., Laredo B., Lozano M. E, Alvarez A., Erazo W. UNIV MADRID CARLOS III, CONSEJO SUPERIOR INVESTIGACIONES CIENTIF(CNSJ-C).   
  • Salts based on organic sulfonamide salts and their use,J-Y.Sanchez, A.Thiam, C.Iojoiu, J-C.Leprêtre, UNIV MADRID CARLOS III, CNRS, UGA, G-INP.

International Conferences:

List of invited & keynote lectures:

  • Reassessment of POE ionomers through new ionic monomers, Jean-Yves Sanchez, Amadou Thiam, Olesia Danyliv, Cynthia Martinez-Cisneros, Claire Antonelli, Cristina Iojoiu. International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes, ISPE-15, Uppsala, 15-19 August 2016.
  • Optimizing cationic conductance through electrolyte thinning and the use of single-cation conductors. Jean-Yves Sanchez, Amadou Thiam, Cynthia Martinez-Cisneros, Claire Antonelli, Cristina Iojoiu, Solid State Ionics, SSI-21, Padua, Symposium I-5, Padua, 18-23 June 2017.
  • New lithium-conducting ionic liquids and their polymer electrolytes. Jean-Yves Sanchez, Priew Eiamlamai, Cristina Iojoiu, Laure Cointeaux, Cynthia Martinez-Cisneros. 232nd Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Washington (National Harbour) 1-6, October 2012.
  • Polymer electrolytes based batteries: their future.  Jean-Yves Sanchez, Amadou Thiam, , Cynthia Martinez-Cisneros, Belen Levenfeld, Alejandro Varez, Cristina Iojoiu, International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes, ISPE-16, Yokohama, 23-30, June 2018.

List of posters:

  • J-Y.Sanchez, M.E.Sotomayor, la Torre-Gamarra, C.Martinez-Cisneros, J-M.Amarilla, B.Levenfeld, A.Varez, Thick LTO ceramic electrodes: processing and performances, 16th International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes, Yokohama (Japón), 24-29 Junio 2018.
  • J-Y. Sanchez, M.E. Sotomayor, C. de la Torre-Gamarra, W. Bucheli, J.M. Amarilla, A. Várez, B. Levenfeld, New Additive-Free Sintered LTO Negatives: Towards Solid-State Batteries Endowed with High Areal Capacity?, 35th Annual International Battery Seminar and Exhibit, Fort Lauderdale (Estados Unidos), 26-29 Marzo 2

National Conferences:

List of oral presentations:

  • C.S. Martinez-Cisneros, C.Antonelli, A.Fernandez-Gorgojo, B.Levenfeld, A.Varez, J-Y.Sanchez, From Lithium to post-Lithium batteries: Na & Ca conducting solvent-free polymer electrolytes. XXXVII. Reunión del Grupo de Electroquimica, Alicante, 17-20 de Julio 2016.
  •  M.E. Sotomayor, C. de la Torre-Gamarra, W. Buchelia, J.M. Amarilla, A. Várez, B. Levenfeld, J.Y. Sanchez, Moldeo por extrusión de polvos de Li4Ti5O12 para ánodos en baterías de ion-litio, XIII Reunión Nacional de Electrocerámica, Cuenca (España), 21-23 Julio 2017.
  • M.N. Ureña Torres, M. T. Pérez Prior, C. Del Río, A. Várez, J-Y Sanchez, C. Iojoiu, B.
  • Levenfeld. “Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfonated Multiblock Copolymers composed by Udel and Radel Polysulfones as Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cell Application”. Congreso Nacional de Materiales (CNMAT). Iberian Meeting on Materials Science, Salamanca (España), 4-6 de Julio, 2018

List of posters:

  • C.Martinez Cisneros, A.Fernandez, B.Levenfeld, A.Várez, J-Y.Sanchez. Exploration of calcium conducting polymer electrolytes for their application in post-lithium Batteries. Congreso Nacional de Materiales (CNMAT). Iberian Meeting on Materials Science, Salamanca (España), 4-6 de Julio, 2018
  • C.Martinez Cisneros, B.Levenfeld, J-Y.Sanchez, A.Várez. Study of the effect of sodium content in ceramic electrolytes based in NASICON towards solid-state Batteries. Congreso Nacional de Materiales (CNMAT). Iberian Meeting on Materials Science, Salamanca (España), 4-6 de Julio, 2018.

Scientific encounters, organized conferences and seminars:

  • Chairman with A.Varez of the Symposium Advanced Materials for Energy Applications, part of AMPT 2015(December 14- 18, 2015).
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of ISPE XV. Uppsala (August, 14-19, 2016).
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of CFR 12, Nice (September, 5-7, 2016).
  • Delivering a seminar at Department of Science and Engineering of Materials “Improving cationic conductivity in polymer electrolytes of lithium batteries.” Leganés, July 17, 2016
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of SSI-21, Padua (April, 2017) with co-chairing of 1 symposium.
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of ISPE XVI. Yokoma (2018).